“There’s a little bit of magic in every box!” ― Adam Rex, Cold Cereal Preferred by Americans as their breakfast meal, cereals are savored by people of every age. Children especially like this food product. This is because the several delicious flavors to relish and the colorful packaging to be attracted by. However, cereal can either be a healthy food item or an unhealthy one depending on its type and usage. The question is, how cereal lovers can choose healthy cereal products both for themselves and their children? This is an important question that will be answered in this article.

Types of Cereals

There are different types of cereals available in the market. These types do not imply the flavor. The four types of cereals are the following:
  • Wheat cereal
  • Oat cereal
  • Corn cereal
  • Rice cereal

How to Recognize Cereal Boxes Exhibiting Health Quality?

  • Different types of cereals are based on sugar, fiber, mineral, and vitamin contents. Some cereals are more processed with high sugar content, while others are less processed and have low sugar content and more fiber content. The healthy type of cereal is packaged in certain Custom cereal boxes referred to as ‘healthily packaged’ cereals.
“Pay attention, don’t let life go by you. Fall in love with the back of your cereal box.” -Jerry Seinfeld
  • Yes! you read it right. As the popular American comedian and actor, Jerry Seinfeld jokes about the back side of the cereal packaging, it is the most vital part of the cereal box to help you choose healthy cereals. A healthily packaged cereal generally has a short list of ingredients that are also recognizable. Therefore, avoid cereals with a long ingredients list that are not recognizable.
  • Thirdly, check the calories listed as it is also important to ensure that the calories listed on the nutrition facts label are accurate.

Colors Usage to Recognize Healthily Packaged Cereal

Cereal brands employ different color patterns in cereal boxes for customers to easily determine healthily packaged cereals. To recognize cereal boxes that exhibit health quality of cereals, look for the following colors:
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green

Why Go for Red Yellow & Green Colors?

  • Red color denotes high fiber content in cereals.
  • Yellow color signifies low sugar content.
  • The green color denotes the fact that cereal is made with whole grains.
Look for the above-mentioned colors while checking out cereal boxes placed on shelves and you will easily recognize healthy cereals that can be consumed as a healthy breakfast. Cereals are a widely popular food item due to their delicious taste and colors that bring joy to those savoring them. However, it is also worth considering, the health benefits of this delectable food item that people adore. In this article, I shared approaches through which people can determine healthy cereals for long-term consumption. CPP Boxes offers services for custom-printed boxes including cereal boxes in the United States, at market-competitive prices. Our satisfied patrons testify to our quality services. Visit https://www.cppboxes.com/ to comprehend details and acquire our services to amplify your business growth.