With the rapid development of the global RV industry, users’ demand for RV air conditioners is also growing year by year. RVers may have a question, why don’t RVs just install home air conditioners? What are the advantages of RV air conditioning system? In this issue, we explore this question from a technical point of view.

The structure of RV Air Conditioners

To save valuable space inside the RV, RV air conditioner units are usually designed to be installed on the roof. That is, it can save space and facilitate heat dissipation, and the heat dispersed does not affect the neighbors in the campground. The outside unit of the RV air conditioner is streamlined to reduce wind resistance when the vehicle is in motion.

Transportation Of Cold Air

For the structure of the caravan, the cold air is most efficiently transported from the top downwards, because the cold air itself is heavier than air. To avoid the cold air blowing directly in a small area, the caravan air conditioner is equipped with an Air Distribution Box abbreviated as an ADB panel. We can understand it as the inner unit of the caravan air conditioner. From the appearance, the ADB is a decorative panel with an operating system, the ADB panel distributes the cool air from the air conditioner to the front and rear areas of the caravan, so that the whole caravan enjoys even cool air.

For larger air con unit for caravans, the air conditioner can also be piped to deliver cool air through ducts to distribute the cool air to different functional areas according to demand, such as the driver’s cab, living room, bedroom, and so on.

Functionally, RV air conditioners have the same functions as home air conditioners: cooling, heating, and dehumidification. The height of the air conditioner affects the total height of the caravan, which in turn affects the passability of the caravan.

Effects of Vibration on Air Conditioning

An 12V RV air conditioning system installed in an RV is bound to follow the RV everywhere it travels. When the vehicle is traveling, there are starts, stops, and constant starting and stopping, which naturally causes bumps and vibrations in the air conditioner. The connecting pipes of the refrigeration system harden with the vibrations and can cause cracks or even breaks. Compressor swing with the car is the main “push” caused by the pipe rupture or fracture of the hand. Residential air conditioners use copper tubing to connect the inside and outside units, which is prone to breakage. 12 volt RV air conditioners have a better anti-vibration design than home air conditioners. In addition to considering vibration damping, the intake and exhaust pipes of caravan aircon units also take into account the damage caused by the vibration of the compressor.

Waterproof Design

Air conditioners produce water when cooling. The water that condenses on the evaporator collects on the chassis, but because the RV is moving and bumpy, the water can splash out. The caravan is on the roof, connected to the ADB panel inside the caravan through a 400mm*400mm or 360mm*360mm window, which must prevent condensation, and rainwater from seeping into the caravan. General caravan air conditioning will use an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) box pasted on the roof, and then cover the opening around, and then through the special long nut will be box waterproof EVA compression, which plays a very good waterproof role. EVA is not only waterproof but at the same time reduces the main engine vibration of the car’s sound impact.

Safety issues

Incorrectly weighted motorhomes are prone to traffic accidents. The “death swing” is the phenomenon of swaying from side to side when the caravan is driven at high speed due to incorrect counterweighting.

Advantages of Inverter RV Air Conditioning

TKT top-mounted rv air conditioner is the company’s high-end product. While continuing the inverter technology, it adopts the industry-leading dual-rotor compressor, which makes the air conditioner more balanced in its work and reduces vibration and noise. In addition, the air duct structure and ADB outlet panel of the air conditioner have been improved, resulting in a more balanced and smooth airflow and further reducing noise. Simply put, inverter RV air conditioners make less noise and are more energy efficient.

Millions of customers around the world have purchased and used TKT’s EV air conditioning products. These customers are RV users, yacht owners, truckers, campers, and outdoorsmen. The reason for this rising trend is that people crave freedom and adventure, want to explore the world, and at the same time want to be away from their old lives for a long time. We call this the mobile life. Our mission is to make mobile living easy for our users.