We can find many types of residential roofs in the United States according to their shape and style. Each has unique benefits and drawbacks. So, what type of roof is more convenient for your home?

Let’s start by knowing the most common types of roofs. In our previous post, we described some of them. Here, we will continue showing you the wide variety of roof types, styles, and designs.

  • Saltbox Roofs

The influx of Europeans, who were already familiar with the saltbox form, contributed to its widespread use throughout the colonial era. A saltbox roof has asymmetrical sides. The gable roof has a central ridge, but the back is much shorter than the front.

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Additionally, the front face of the roof descends to the ground level. Sometimes, a portion of the roof with an even gentler pitch will break off from the lengthier front side. The saltbox roof design is popular because many property owners think it is practical. Also, many people like their classic look and energy efficiency.

  • Skillion Roofs

A skillion roof, have you heard of it? It goes by several other names, including lean-to roof, shed roof, and single-pitched roof. Skillion or shed roofs are those that only have one slope.

Traditionally, we associate it with outbuildings such as garages and sheds. But you may see them in houses and businesses nowadays. Water drains well from a skillion roof. You can install skylights and solar panels with relative ease. Besides, there are more intriguing options for window replacement right under the roof. You can increase the coverage for decks and porches by extending them.

  • Flat Roofs

Their name suggests they are perfectly level. But they are not. Likewise, we usually see them in commercial buildings. However, not only businesses use flat roofs.

Overlapping shingles are not viable for flat roofs due to their highly shallow pitch. Flat roofs are relatively easy to build and maintain. Still, they can be more difficult to keep watertight.

Metal roofing is an excellent alternative for low-slope roofs of any design. Moreover, common flat roofing materials like rubber membranes or other single-ply solutions can work for home designs.

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The best type of roof for a home will depend on several factors. You must consider the local climate, preferences, and budget.

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We are experts at installing shingles, metal roofs, wood shakes, slate, clay and concrete tiles, and more. Additionally, we offer blow insulation services. But Watkins Construction & Roofing does not limit to the roofing industry. Also, we replace siding, install new skylight, and install gutters and gutter guards.

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