Goa, loved for its scenic beaches, is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The state offers a perfect blend of fun and tranquillity, making it a must visit place for every travel enthusiast. For nature lovers, there are crystal clear beaches where they can soak up the sun and spend some relaxing time and for adventure lovers there are amazing water sports activities that one can enjoy to add thrill and adventure to their trip. While there are many stunning tourist attractions that are worth exploring,

Here we have listed the top 4 places that you must add to your itinerary when exploring Goa.

First on the list is Calangute Beach as no trip to Goa is complete without visiting the iconic beach. Being the largest and most visited beach in the state, it is loved for its golden sands, crystal-clear waters and seemingly endless stretch of coastline.

Whether you want to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the shoreline or want to be a part of the thrilling adventure sports, you can do that all at this place. Be here in the evening if you want to soak up breathtaking sunset views and some Instagram worthy pictures. Don’t forget to indulge in the local cuisine while enjoying the scenic beauty of this beach.

Next on the list is the fascinating town of Old Goa, which was once the capital of the Portuguese empire in India. As you walk through the narrow streets of Old Goa, you will be transported back in time, admiring the well-preserved relics from the colonial era. Being steeped in history and dotted with remarkable churches and cathedrals, Old Goa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is definitely worth exploring.

One must visit place here is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a 16th-century church where you will find remains of St. Francis Xavier, known for his missionary work in Asia. Another attraction in Old Goa is the Se Cathedral which is known for its stunning architecture and intricate woodwork.

Moving on from history and culture to natural wonders, the Dudhsagar Falls is another charming spot in Goa. With water cascading from a height of around 310 metres, these majestic waterfalls are truly a sight to behold. They are surrounded by lush green forests and the best way to explore them is by taking a jeep safari through the sanctuary.

A safari ride will not only give you a chance to admire the spectacular beauty of the falls, the journey itself will be an adventure that will give you a chance to witness the diverse flora and fauna of the region. Don’t forget to enjoy a dip in the cool waters of these falls to escape the heat and rejuvenate yourself amidst nature. You can also go for a relaxing spa in Goa at any of the top spa centres in the state.

Last but not least is a visit to the scenic village of Anjuna. Known for its colourful flea markets, beautiful cliffs and hippie culture, Anjuna offers a laid-back atmosphere. Be here at The Wednesday market at Anjuna Beach which is a shopper’s paradise.

Here you can find everything from handicrafts and clothing to lovely jewellery pieces and a variety of spices. Also make a visit to the nearby Chapora Fort from where you can soak in stunning panoramic views of the coastline. Here you can also experience the happening nightlife of Goa at beachside cafes and bars and enjoy the energetic and carefree spirit of Goa.

Goa is a holiday destination that needs to be explored beyond its sandy beaches. Now that you know about the enchanting places in the state, plan your next visit soon. Book any of the top hotels or golf resorts in Goa to enjoy a luxurious stay. So book your ticket soon and head to Goa to explore the beauty of Goa, one beautiful place at a time.