1. Awakening to the Beauty of Dried Dried Bamboo Shoot has been a staple in East Asian cuisine for centuries.
It is the edible shoots from certain species of bamboo plants, which offer a subtly sweet and delicate flavor.
The industry has been growing in recent years, as more people around the world come to appreciate its culinary versatility and health benefits. From China to western food markets, dried bamboo shoots are becoming a widely accepted addition to various recipes, thanks to its unique flavor and texture.

chinese dried bamboo shoots
chinese dried bamboo shoots

2. Dried Bamboo Shoot – A Fostered Tradition by Peak Agricultural Company Chinese Dried Bamboo Shoots are a delicacy, especially when harvested from the Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang Province – a region known for its rich natural resources.
At the forefront of championing this culinary treasure is the Hangzhou Lin ‘an Peak Agricultural Products Technology Co., Ltd, a company with over two decades of experience in acquiring and processing agricultural products.
Their main product is the Chinese dried bamboo shoot, among other dehydrated vegetables and specialty dishes.

3. The Magic Mountain – A Secret to Quality Dried Bamboo Shoot Dried Bamboo Shoot produced by the Peak Agricultural Products is distinct due to the conducive environment where the bamboo plants naturally thrive.
Situated at the foot of Tianmu Mountain, the company enjoys an environment enriched with high altitude, fresh air, and picturesque scenery.
The mountainous region has a high forest coverage rate which provides optimal conditions for the bamboo trees to grow, translating into high-quality, succulent Chinese dried bamboo shoots with a rich flavor.

4. Unveiling the Special Tianmu Dried Bamboo Shoots The Tianmu dried bamboo shoots are refined from stalagmites in Tianmu Mountain. These bamboo shoots are cherished for their thin shell, fleshy texture, white color, tender quality, and sweet freshness.
The dried versions of these shoots have a delightful green fragrance and a delicious taste, further enriched with an 80% dry degree that reveals a slightly salty and intensely rich flavor.
The Tianmu dried bamboo shoots contain essential nutrients – cellulose, sugar, calcium, zinc, and iron – thus making them a nutrient-rich choice for any meal.

5. The Global Appeal of Chinese Dried Bamboo Shoots from Peak Agricultural Company The dried bamboo shoot by the Peak Agricultural Company has amassed a reputation globally for its remarkable taste and quality. It contributes to their overall mission of offering high-quality, unique agricultural products to global consumers.
This product’s global acceptance echoes the company’s dedication to preserving and promoting the delicious legacy of Tianmu dried bamboo shoots.
As the world continues to show an interest in diverse and unique flavors, the demand for dried bamboo shoots continues to grow, a testament to their product’s quality and the company’s commitment. In conclusion, the dried bamboo shoot from the Peak Agricultural Company offers an unrivaled taste and quality, backed by decades of expertise and a passion for sharing China’s agricultural bounty with the world. Come and experience the unique flavor of Tianmu Mountain today!