Falling asleep is not easy for all people. Not everyone drifts off as soon as they hit the bed. But what does it mean if someone drifts off right as they lay their head on the pillow? It might feel good that you do not have to wait for sleep to come and don’t have to see the hours ticking by, but what does this indicate about your sleep health? To know why some people fall asleep faster than others and what it signals for your health, read the article!

How long should it take to fall asleep?

For people who fall asleep right after hitting the pillow, there can be two cases. You are one of the few lucky individuals who drift off to sleep easily. Or, the reason can be that you are rest deprived. The key is to know which group you belong to.

Quality sleep is a complex concept that goes far beyond how much time it takes you to fall asleep. While most people need about 20 minutes to rest, this is an average. Everyone is different, so if you fall outside of this range, there is no need to worry. Experts suggest that if you drift off in three minutes and feel refreshed upon waking up, you are probably well rested. Falling asleep fast is okay for a few people, so you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on that.

Sleep deprivation vs sleep deficiency

Sleep deprivation and sleep deficiency are alike, but they mean different things. The prior occurs when you are not getting enough rest hours. On the other hand, in addition to lack of rest, sleep deficiency can also happen when you sleep at the wrong time, wake up frequently while resting or have a disorder that interferes with sleep.

You must be sleep-deprived if you are resting for fewer than six hours during the day. As for sleep deficiency, it can be a little harder to detect.

What signals sleep deficiency?

Here are a few signs that can signal sleep deficiency in people:

When you are doing something boring like sitting in traffic or reading a book you aren’t interested in, you feel sleepy. You may have sleep deficiency if you can’t stay awake through these quiet moments.

People feel confused when they have sleep deficiency. Since the brain can’t get enough restorative sleep, they struggle to concentrate or remember things. It increases the chances of mistakes.

When dealing with sleep deficiency, your emotions feel too difficult to control. You may want to scream or cry even when the situation doesn’t require the outburst.

If you are well rested, you will not experience the die-hard need to chug coffee or other energy drinks. People who depend on them to get through the day may have sleep deficiency.

People showing these symptoms should fix an appointment with their doctor to get a sleep test. Getting the necessary treatment may improve your overall health.