Dog boarding Chiang Mai is a great way to give your pet some much needed attention and time away from home. You can rest assured that your pup will be well cared for by our experienced and friendly dog sitters.

They will come to your home and take your dog out for walks, play games with them, or just cuddle up in front of the TV. They will also be fed and given water.

Choosing a Boarding Kennel

If you’re considering dog boarding in Chiang Mai, it’s important to choose a quality kennel. The best kennels are airline approved, have ventilation on all sides and can hold your pet securely without compromising their safety.

While looking for a kennel, make sure it’s located near the airport and has good reviews online. It’s also wise to ask if the facility provides bathing and feeding services, as well as whether or not it is fully hygienic.

If you’re not sure what to look for, take your dog for a trial run by putting him in a small crate and letting him see if he likes it. This will give you a feel for how he reacts to the environment and will help you narrow down your search to just a few top-rated kennels. You’ll then have to decide which one is the right fit for you and your pet. After all, you’ll be leaving him with them for an extended period of time!

Preparing Your Dog for the Flight

Flying is a stressful experience for all pets, but it can be particularly difficult for elderly dogs and those with medical or behavioral issues.

To make sure your pet will travel well, take them to the vet for a health certificate and vaccinations. It’s also important to bring your dog’s crate to the airport.

Your dog’s crate should be large enough to fit them comfortably, and must meet airline regulations. It should be easy to access their food and water, and contain a bed, toys and other comfort items.

If your pet isn’t already crate trained, it may help to work on the training for a few weeks before your trip. Then, they can get used to sleeping in the crate and be less nervous about it.

You can also try withholding food for a few hours before the flight, and make sure to arrive at the airport with your dog’s crate if you’re flying through an airport that requires dogs to be checked in luggage. This will help to prevent travel sickness in your dog and give you peace of mind during the journey!

Arriving at the Airport

Whether you’re traveling by flight or train, arriving at the airport is a major part of your travel experience. Manyi Boutique House offers an airport transfer service, which helps guests arrive and depart with ease.

The hotel also offers a number of services to make your stay as convenient as possible. This includes express check-in and check-out, luggage storage and safety deposit boxes.

If you’re bringing your pet with you, it’s important to take him to the vet for all required vaccinations and a microchip insertion no less than 30 days* before the departure date, but no more than one year. In addition, he must have a paper copy of the rabies vaccination certificate and evidence that the microchip is registered.

When preparing for your trip, you’ll need to choose an airline that can accommodate your pet’s needs. You’ll also need to purchase a nose-and-paw proof crate for him and install a water bottle so he doesn’t suffer from dehydration during transit.

Arriving at the Kennel

As a pet owner, you’re familiar with the challenges of boarding your dog. The stress of leaving your pup behind can be overwhelming for both you and your pooch, so it’s important to do some planning ahead to make sure your experience goes off without a hitch.

The best way to start is by choosing a reputable kennel that you can trust, and getting all the details right. You can do this by talking with their staff about what to expect from your dog’s stay and making sure to fax, email, or mail the required paperwork to them well in advance of your departure.

Luckily, the kennel has all the tools you need to keep your dog safe and happy while you’re away. They’ll provide a secure environment for your dog, plenty of exercise, and the chance to meet other canines. Of course, you’ll need to be patient and give your pup time to get used to their new surroundings before they can join the fun.