Do you feel helpless in the face of poverty? Millions in Pakistan live in extreme poverty and are having difficulty finding food and other essentials. But there is a way to make a real difference: donating to charities that support local food banks.

Pakistan is home to about 220 million people, many of whom struggle with poverty. A major challenge for the poor is food insecurity: struggling to access enough nutritious and affordable food to lead healthy lives. Unfortunately, the effects of COVID-19 pandemic have made things much worse, as millions are now at risk of hunger and malnutrition.

Fortunately, there are ways to help these vulnerable communities—and one great way is by donating non-perishable foods directly to local food banks. Doing so not only offers vital nutrition but also provides meals for individuals who might otherwise go hungry. Read on to find out how you can donate food for poor people in Pakistan.

There are over 200 million people in Pakistan and 20.3% of them are malnourished.

Many have lost their daily wage with no access to food or hygiene essentials. £50 will provide a family of five with a food and hygiene pack for a month. Help them survive the pandemic Relieve HUNGER in the name of ALLAH!

The Facts :

1 in 5 Pakistanis are malnourished.

Nearly 50% of children here suffer from stunted growth due to poor nutrition.

60% of people in Pakistan face food insecurity.

Nearly 50% of children here suffer from stunted growth due to poor nutrition.

Without help, thousands of people will starve; Food Packs Donation £50 to save lives.

There are many charities and organizations in Pakistan that are dedicated to helping the poor and providing them with food. You can donate directly to these organizations or you can also donate through online platforms, which allows you to make a donation of any amount.

You can also volunteer your time and skills to help those in need. Many organizations are looking for volunteers who can help with distributing food, providing medical assistance, and other activities.

With the help of Food Packs Donation in Pakistan is a great way to make a difference and help those in need. By donating to charities that support local food banks, you can provide essential nutrition and meals to those who would otherwise go hungry. So, take the time to research organizations that are doing good work in Pakistan and make a donation today!

Hunger Relief in Pakistan

Without proper nourishment, these people are faced with serious health concerns and growth problems for themselves and their children.

15% of children under the age of 5 suffer from acute malnutrition, leaving them physically and mentally underdeveloped. Pakistan’s position is severe, with malnutrition and hunger on the rise across the country.

Poverty greatly restricts many people’s access to food, resulting in food insecurity for thousands of Pakistanis. These families don’t know where their next meal will be coming from and they often ration what little food they have, sending their children to bed with empty stomachs more often than not.

Al-Wahab Foundation is working in Pakistan to put an end to hunger, and ensure Pakistani families get the quality food they need to live a healthy life. Our Pakistan food distribution appeal provides vulnerable families with food packs that will feed them for an entire month.

A donation of £50 will supply a family of five with all the essential food items they need to keep their children happily fed with nutritious food choices for a month. Show your care for Pakistan by making a donation today.

£50 Food and Hygiene Pack – this pack will help protect the vulnerable from coronavirus and nourish them. Many have lost their daily income and have no access to food or hygiene items to nourish and protect their families.

Together we can relieve Hunger!

Each food parcel for Pakistan Contains the below items:

Rice, Moong Lentils, Masoor Lentils, Channa Lentils, White Channa, White Sugar, Dalda, Ghee, Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Garam Masala, Wheat Flour, Black Tea and Soap.

Iftar food parcel per Meal contains the following items:

Chicken Biryani, Roh Afza, Sugar, Banana, Samosa and Dates.

We feed nearly 2,000 people every day

In Pakistan, 82.6 million people are food insecure. That means that slightly under half of the population is going hungry.

Food is costly, and many of the families we encounter are unable to provide for themselves or their children.

In Pakistan, poverty is so severe that 1.8 million youngsters are forced to work in order to feed their families.

But when children are at work, they can’t be in school – so the cycle of poverty continues because they don’t have access to the education that will save them from poverty.

Help save and protect children in Pakistan

Al Wahab Foundation is doing everything it can to support children and families affected and protect them from the ongoing dangers of waterborne diseases, malnutrition and protection risks. Al Wahab is on the ground with partners, delivering life-saving medical and other emergency supplies to support children and women affected by the floods.

Using pre-positioned emergency supplies, Al Wahab delivered drinking water, water purification tablets, hygiene kits, medicines, vaccines, therapeutic nutritional supplements for children, pregnant and lactating women, and mosquito nets. Al Wahab and partners have also started providing items such as warm clothing kits, jackets, blankets and quilts. In response to the worsening child survival crisis, more than 800,000 children have been screened for malnutrition.

By early January 2023, Al Wahab will continue to respond to urgent humanitarian needs, while also restoring and rehabilitating existing health, water, sanitation and education facilities for families returning home.

In these difficult times, your support can save lives. Your contribution can help Al Wahab reach more children and families with critical, urgent and life-saving supplies.

Sponsor a Food Packs Donation in Pakistan

Why should you sponsor a food pack for the poor and needy in Pakistan?

43% of Pakistan’s population faces food insecurity on a daily basis.

18% of the people of Pakistan severely lack access to food.

In remote parts of Sindh, Balochistan and KPK over 50% of children are malnutrition.

Pakistan ranks 106th out of 119 countries on the Global Hunger Index.

Millions of people, mostly refugees, live in camp cities spread across the country and lack access to food, water and sanitation.

High food prices are driving thousands of families into poverty.

Donations to the Pakistan Red Crescent are essential in helping those affected by natural disasters and other crises. Your donation will help to provide essential support to those in need, such as hygiene kits, jerry cans for storing clean water, financial support for basic needs, and winterisation kits.

For example, a donation of £20 could provide a family with a hygiene kit that includes items such as toothbrushes, soap and toilet paper. A donation of £40 could provide ten families with jerry cans so they can store clean water for drinking and cooking. A donation of £65 could help one household with financial support so they can meet their basic needs like buying food and clean drinking water. Finally, a donation of £100 could help to provide a family of seven with a winterisation kit to protect them from the upcoming winter with things like warm coats and shoes.

Your generous donations will make an incredible difference in the lives of people in Pakistan who are struggling due to natural disasters or other crises. Every contribution is important and will go towards providing much-needed relief for those affected.

Your food packs donation to the Pakistan Red Crescent will help those affected by the current crisis in Pakistan. The funds raised will be used to provide essential support and resources to those in need. This includes hygiene kits, jerry cans for storing clean water, financial support for basic needs such as food and clean drinking water, and winterisation kits with warm coats and shoes.

Your generous contribution will make a real difference in the lives of people in Pakistan. Hygiene kits can help prevent the spread of disease, while jerry cans provide access to clean drinking water. Financial support helps families meet their basic needs like buying food and clean drinking water. Winterisation kits are especially important during the cold winter months when temperatures can drop drastically. Your donation will ensure that families have what they need to survive this difficult time.

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