Dubai is a city that offers luxury, Arabic culture, a vision of modern architecture, and unforgettable night scenes. This place is counted in the most famous emirates of UAE and is located on the Persian Gulf coast of the UAE. Dubai offers a perfect mixture of ultra-modern and traditional Arabian culture. Dubai is famous for its biggest and unique buildings, economic growth, and many tourist points, and desert safari is counted as the most unique place in Dubai. This place is full of adventures and thrills. In this blog, we deliver complete information about desert safari and make your journey easy.

Desert Safari in Dubai

In Dubai, the desert safari provides the most unique Dubai’s desert safari experience,with a historical desert including several activities like dune bashing, authentic Arabian food, camel rides and quad biking, camel safari, sand boarding, and the tents experience in the desert. Dubai desert safari Movements are full of fun for every person because there is a scope of activities to do here to cache a fine worth of adventures. There are some most popular and unique activities of a desert safari.

1. Traditional Desert Safari Activities

  • Falconry
  • Camel riding
  • Henna Painting
  • Sheesha Smoking
  • Traditional dancing 
  • Ride across the landscaper on an Arabian horse
  • A buffet of Arabic cuisine
  • Desert Barbeque

2. Modern Desert Activities

  • Dune bashing
  • Dune Buggy Riding 
  • Quad Biking
  • Sand Boarding
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is a perfect mixture of modern and ancient in the Arabian desert and is best for those who are looking for adventure and luxury at the same time. Dubai is not only a desert to see but also offers an abundance of dunes to visitors and Paradise has become the most popular city with a bunch of movements. 

Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Desert safari is happening at various times. In the morning, evening, and night, every time there is special fasciitis so you can go any time, always see the amazing view, and do unique activities on the desert safari.

1. Morning Desert Safari

Morning safari for those people, who wake up early and are busy in the evening. So they can Experience the morning desert safari for experience and dune bashing. This tour starts at 9 AM and you can see the beautiful sunrise in the middle desert. You see everything fresh and sprinkled and energetic to enjoy the adventure. In the morning, the temperature is cold, so you can happily enjoy all the activities. The first thing to do in a morning safari is dune bashing and then you can try quad biking, camel rides, and sand skiing. You cannot forget to carry sunglasses, sun lotion, and a cap for a morning desert safari. If you are making a plan to experience the magic of desert safari then first of all, you have to get a Dubai Tour Visa.

2. Evening Desert Safari

The evening is the perfect time to go for a desert safari. In the evening, you can see the beautiful vision of sunset in the desert, and slowly the hot temperature changes into the cold. You can discover and capture the mystical attractiveness of the desert in the evening. Dune bashing is more exciting to do in the evening. After this, you can do a camel ride, sand boating, and also try the henna design on hand. In the evening desert safari, you can enjoy the amazing barbecue dinner and fire show and Tanura show performance around the campfire by starlight. If you like to stay long on a desert safari then you must have a 90 days Dubai Visa. Then you can enjoy a very long time, not only the desert safari, but also other unique things of Dubai. Along with this, you can enjoy Arabic coffee and see a belly dance. Don’t forget to get a camera to capture these unforgettable moments on the desert safari.

3. Overnight Desert Safari

If you love to see the desert at night and want to sleep under the stars then this overnight desert safari is for you. You can relax overnight in the tent and experience the starry desert. The safari management can provide you with full facilities like pillows, blankets, mattresses, and many other activities like belly dancing, camel riding, henna painting, fire show, sand skiing, quad biking, and photography in traditional costumes. Choosing the overnight desert is the best because you enjoy the booth experience, in the night you see stars, sky, and beautiful sunrise in the morning. Capture all the moments with the camera and enjoy these unique and modern activities on the Dubai Desert safari tour.

Safety Measures to Take During a Desert Safari

Along with enjoyment, safety is your priority on the desert safari. It is essential to be conscious of the possible hazards of the desert environment. Always follow the safety instructions that are given by the guide. The tour companies take care of all necessary needs and safety of their guests.

The Best time of the year to go on a desert safari in Dubai

Go for a desert safari in Dubai, the most suitable time is between October and April. At this moment, the temperature is mild and pleasant. So you can smoothly appreciate all the outdoor movements without worry of sunburn. In winter, the cooler temperature is the best time to experience desert safari without heat exhaustion. If you are planning to explore the Dubai desert safari then visit in winter and spring season, and capture unforgettable moments of desert safari in Dubai.