If you have an office fit-out Parramatta project, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to achieve your goals. You want your office to be comfortable, clean, aesthetically appealing and productive. Read on to find out more about ensuring you design a workplace that makes your employees more productive and happier.

Let your employees have a say in the design

You should give your staff a say on how their office looks and functions. Changing the way your office looks will mean staff know how the office is designed and how it should be used. This will increase job satisfaction, employee well-being and productivity. Create steering groups with employees from different layers of the company and connect with staff members well and frequently through a wide range of means, from company-wide meetings to emails.

Make the reception area suitable for employee needs

You need to make your reception area suitable for the needs of your employees as well as for the needs of your customers and visitors. A large desk in a vast empty space isn’t only unwelcoming but also an inefficient use of space in modern offices. You should therefore create a cosy setup with domestically inspired soft-seating for informal meetings. Include visibility to the rest of the interior so that potential clients and recruits can see your employees enjoying their modern and buzzy workplace.

Get rid of clutter

Your commercial interior decorator should find an effective way to keep clutter away from your office. Office supplies, files and personal belongings for employees need a home. That doesn’t mean antiquated cupboards and filing systems. Manufacturers have upped their game in terms of cabinets, lockers and pedestals with contemporary colours, styles and materials, most of which incorporate power points and seating or provide places for employees to gather.

Invest in quality lighting

Most employees like good lighting in their workplace to work efficiently. Position your workstations around the perimeter of a floorplate so that employees have access to enough light. This is an important part of the well-being of employees. Smart lighting that is self-adjusting is very important when it comes to circadian lighting systems and personalising light systems.

Encourage valuable interactions

You need to encourage valuable interactions that contribute to the well-being of the staff members. The design of the office can help to encourage a sense of community. This is something that is very important to maintain after the distribution of an office relocation. From providing a central tea area on every floor to a noticeboard and a better way of finding employees, you should do everything possible to encourage meaningful office interactions.

Provide a wide range of work settings

You should provide a wide range of work settings in your office during office fit-out Parramatta. People rarely want to spend their entire day at their desks. Bar stools gathered around high tables, picnic bench-style seating and high-quality modular sofas create great office design options. You should ensure that these areas are legible.