If you’re looking for a toronto dietitian, Elizabeth Zemelman is the one to choose. She’s an expert in all things nutrition and she loves helping people find the right eating plan for them.

Since 1998, she has held a variety of clinical nutrition positions at several hospitals in such hubs as Montreal, New York City, and Toronto, helping patients of all ages achieve their wellness goals through diet and nutrition.

Nutrition Consulting

A Registered Dietitian is a professional who provides diet and nutrition services to clients. They can help you with weight loss, food planning and nutritional requirements for specific conditions such as diabetes or Arthritis. They may also teach you about eating to control your blood pressure, cholesterol levels or for anorexia and bulimia recovery. They can work in a private practice, a hospital, school, nursing home or food service facility.

Elizabeth Zemelman, Registered Dietitian, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics from McGill University and serves clients in Toronto, Thornhill, and nearby communities in Ontario. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their wellness goals. Aside from in-person sessions, she offers a variety of video and phone consultations. She has also been featured in several magazines and websites for her expertise and knowledge. She has a passion for helping people and believes that diet is the most important factor when it comes to reaching their health and wellness goals.


One of the most effective ways to get on the path to healthy living is through a well planned diet and regular exercise. Elizabeth Zemelman, a Registered Dietitian located in Toronto, has a knack for combining nutrition and fitness to help her clients live long and feel great. She has a long track record of helping patients of all ages and walks of life achieve their health goals. The best way to find out if she can help you is to schedule a free consultation. You can also find out about her various offerings by visiting her website. You might even be lucky enough to find out she has a local office or will make house calls. The most important thing to remember is that she is a highly skilled and professional individual who will work hard to assist you in meeting your nutritional needs.

Nutrition Education

Elizabeth Zemelman is a Registered Dietitian located in Toronto and has spent over 19 years focusing on helping people achieve their nutrition and wellness goals. She has a strong background in both private practice and corporate work, having held a variety of clinical nutrition positions at hospitals in such hubs as Montreal, New York City, and Toronto, working with patients of all ages and from all walks of life with a diverse range of medical conditions and wellness goals. She also has extensive experience in a corporate setting, providing a variety of workshops, seminars, and one-on-one counseling to help improve the nutritional knowledge of employees, which can have an immediate effect on their productivity.

In addition to helping her clients achieve their wellness and nutritional goals, Elizabeth also provides nutrition education, through videos, which can be a great way to stay on track with your diet and exercise. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and arthritis.