Executing a PPC campaign effectively isn’t child’s play, so the need for PPC management services becomes quite eminent. But there are ways around that work with PPC advertising services, provided that you learn and understand the tricks of a PPC agency.

If you are also looking to find out about the same, the sections written below can be of great help.

Effective Ways of PPC Management Services for Campaigns

Work Smart

Try structuring the account with care from the get-go as it is an essential part of the PPC management campaign since it makes it easier to manage the campaign while also reducing the chances of making major targeting mistakes that include;

  • Multiple ads in a single ad group

  • Duplicate keywords in ad groups and campaigns

  • Using multiple campaigns for targeting a single product category.

  • Multiple ad groups for a single product category

While starting with one or two campaigns, account setup becomes easy. But in case you are looking to expand it in the longer term, it becomes important to consider multiple factors when they are initially laying a foundation for the account structure.

Setting up the account in a smart way implies the following;

  • Language targeting and location

If you are looking to target more than a single country, try creating separate campaigns for each one of them. Also, make sure that your campaigns are generally targeting locations and languages that are relevant to the target audience.

  • Campaign creation for specific product categories

Logically structuring the account can reflect the structure of the product or the services that are in store.

  • Campaign creation for different advertising goals

Creating unique different campaigns for different marketing goals, be it display, marketing, or search. Pick the right bidding option to reflect the specific goal.

While setting up ad groups and campaigns, consider the kind of PPC Management Services and tasks that you will have to perform down the road to make the choices that can simplify things for you. For instance, don’t try to put too many ads in an ad group, and make use of detailed names for describing the campaigns and ad groups.

Try to avoid creating multiple campaigns for the same product category, or even target multiple services or products with the use of a single ad group.

Set Goals

A PPC agency can help achieve plenty of marketing and business goals. But with the use of targeted and successful campaigns, try not to achieve everything all at once. Apart from that, a very important part of PPC advertising services, that is campaign management, coming under the PPC management services requires defining appropriate metrics and a clear goal that can be measured against key performance indicators aka KPIs.

Make sure that PPC management services are able to answer these questions before you move forward with the campaign;

  • The total PPC agency budget for a month

  • How many conversions you would like to drive every month

  • The ideal and maximum cost per click (CTC)

  • The ideal and maximum cost per conversion (CPC)

Defining your goals before you get started can ultimately impact the bidding strategy that you pick, the kind of keywords you target, and the kind of ads you serve.

Updating the Negative Keyword List

Even when you are great at making negative keyword lists in the beginning, you cannot possibly know every irrelevant keyword that gets associated with the ads and this can only be determined by keeping a track of the campaign in collaboration with PPC advertising services.

There will be PPC agency experts that will tell can help you understand why maintaining a negative keywords list is important even more than managing the normal keywords list. The reason is that there is a severe negative impact every time the ad shows one of the irrelevant keywords.

Everyone knows that relevance is an important factor in learning about the quality score for a search query. Low relevance implies low-quality scores, poor performance, and a worse ad position.

Keeping track of the regular changes to the negative keyword lists can be pretty important, especially for advertisers in niches that are related to pop or news culture topics. Apart from mining your search terms report, you can also try setting up Google Alerts for important brand keywords, which can further allow you to discover new and trending topics that can cause irrelevant search queries for triggering their ads.

Update and Improve Advertising Content

A lot of the time, advertisers put a lot of effort into keyword targeting and bid strategies, but in the middle of that, they forget about the advertising collateral. But the catch is that the actual advertisements that get displayed and associated landing pages are equally important for PPC management campaigns.

Ad deliverance for all the relevant search queries is of no use if the ad copy is a call to action that isn’t optimized for attracting prospective targets. With the same token, you also won’t be able to drive conversions on the site from the efforts in case the landing pages offer a subpar user experience.

If you are experiencing low-quality scores within the campaigns, the advertising collateral could be the reason for it. On top of that, you will also need to monitor performance for taking the required steps to improve it continuously.

Ad Copy Testing

Even the smallest of changes to the ad copy can majorly impact PPC performance. If you have worked with pay-per-click management services, you might know that a relevant call to action or headline, for instance, can make all the difference between an individual that is ignoring the ad or clicking through and giving away a conversion.

In a similar fashion, the inclusion of relevant ad extensions can also have a major impact. For instance, an auto repair business can improve ad performance significantly via call extensions and ads too.

Better Overall User Experience for the Landing Page

It is also important to monitor how audiences interact with the ads is how they interact with the content available on the website once they click through. A slow-loading page can result in a naturally higher bounce rate. On the other hand, other landing page elements can lead to user experience problems that might frustrate visitors.

It is also equally important to ensure that the content available on the landing page is in alignment with the content that is associated with the ad. A targeted and specific ad that can lead users to a generalized landing page will most definitely cause confusion or even make visitors wonder if they accidentally clicked on the wrong ad.

On top of that, you will also need to use language that helps visitors understand that they have landed in the right place.

Learn and Refine

While creating the initial keyword lists, normally you take a guess about the keywords that are relevant to the target audience without any hard data at all. But once the campaign starts to evolve, you can try to gain perspective regarding which queries are performing better than others.

PPC management services and strategy advertisers can apply this plan of action when setting up new campaigns. With this plan, you can make use of modified broad match keywords, which offer a list of search queries that trigger one of your ads.

After that, the campaign can be duplicated and the same keywords can be added as phrase-match keywords. Search terms that are responsible for generating clicks on the ads can be added as exact-match keywords. This is also known as segmenting keywords by relevance and the strategy enables you to bid more on queries that are highly converting.