One of the most analytical subjects, Ethics Integrity and Aptitude is included as GS paper- 4 in the UPSC foundation course. It involves knowledge of the material as well as analytical skills. In order to develop the plan for GS Paper 4, one must become knowledgeable about all current events in the world and be able to relate them to theoretical applications. Whereas simply reading the fundamentals of ethics or mastering some theoretical applications won’t be sufficient to provide hopefuls a competitive edge, only serious aspirants who sign up for any efficient test series program will be able to comprehend the subject’s genuine significance. In order to achieve this goal, one of the most well-known and well-liked institutions, EDEN IAS, is concurrently running some interactive programs, of which the UPSC Ethics Test Series is a powerful component. These programs are specifically created to assist students in gaining a competitive edge over this subject and becoming a part of this competitive world.


    • This Ethics Test Series course is the best one available and is sufficient to prepare students for the UPSC Mains GS 4 with the necessary ethical knowledge. One of the top instructors for ethics (GS IV), Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir, will oversee the conduct of this session.
  • The curriculum of ethics via practice is fully covered by the course, which is thorough and sufficient in itself. Because students will be exposed to a wide range of competition, it is advantageous for both novices who wish to assess the breadth and depth of the ethics syllabus and for aspirants who have finished their ethics curriculum.
    • For every sectional test in this Ethics test series, there are well-prepared model answers available. Aspirants are given these sample responses to help them comprehend how to correctly prepare and organize their responses for the Ethics paper.
  • Additionally, it will assist candidates in comprehending the conceptual requirements, pertinent keywords, and necessary flow charts and diagrams for the Mains answer writing. The aspirant will also benefit from the analysis of the many dimensions, which will motivate them to revise their responses.
  • The Ethics Test series is organized as follows:
  1. There are 12 total questions on each paper.
  2. 6 = Case studies & 6 = Theoretical (Q No. 1 to Q No. 6) (Q No.7 to Q No. 12)
  • There is a total of 11 Tests in the course curriculum. Here are the specifics: –
  1. 7- sectional exams, 
  2. 4 Complete-Length Mock Exams
  • One-on-one mentoring and doubt-clearing sessions with the teachers. 


The primary reason this program was created was due to the exam’s nature and the increasing demand for it throughout the whole UPSC curriculum, which requires all serious candidates to become knowledgeable in all necessary subjects if they truly want to improve their score and ranking overall. Also, the aspirant might experience the genuine Ethics GS4 Test Series UPSC environment and acquire the necessary knowledge and proficiency with the help of the special set of test series that they have created.