The relevance of data is gaining recognition over time. In 2023, people are using data to manage and balance businesses and other activities. Time is an ever-changing medium with a notion of uncertainty and danger. Only a careful approach can minimize the chances of acquiring losses. To make a calculated and careful approach, the bulk use of relevant data is a logical choice. This is why, data scientists from different fields are gaining relevance and recognition in both public and private sectors. Evidently, the study of data science is catching the attention of several undergraduates and mid-career professionals who desire to have a career full of possibilities and opportunities. 

To get a full understanding of an institute, user experiences written as online reviews serve the purpose. However, fraudulent individuals and institutions use that level of trust to their benefit and post fake reviews and opinions on the internet to gain attention and later on finances. The goal of this article is to provide a detailed process to budding data experts on identifying such doctored reviews and not fall victim to false pretenses.

Useless Glorification

Every Institute has its shortcomings and strengths. If the offered knowledge and information are not up to mark, the features and amenities any institution provides are rendered useless. This is why, reviews containing only the positive traits and suppressing the shortcomings are most likely to be doctored in accordance with the said institute. 

An Impulsive Review

If an ex-student cares deeply enough to write a review on his or her former data science academy, he/she can be counted on to write with compassion and genuine consideration for the readers. The writer will keep an account of the choice of words, grammar, and punctuation carefully. Therefore, a review full of grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors can be classified as a fake review as they are most likely written in bulk to confuse and misguide the students.

A Review with Moulded Words

Unnecessary inclusion of topics and subjects that is not related to the institute, stretches the review and creates confusion in the minds of data science aspirants. Although, it might help gain the attention intended the approach and information included in those reviews are far from accurate and result in cheating the students who fall prey to such fraudulent methods. These types of reviews are considered fake and should be avoided at any cost.

Superficial Reviews

Wannabe institutes feed off the engagement and popularity of their competitors. Reviews provided by such institutes directly dictate their courses to be the best alternative available in the market. Needless to say, such reviews must be avoided.

An Exemplary Institute Review

A swift exploration with Analytixlabs Gurgaon review unearths the model of candidness and clarity. Analytixlabs is a prestigious institute with a track record of being bold, transparent, and honest. The reviews provided are written by individuals with a clear understanding of the institute’s offerings. They can be cross-checked through contact details and identity provided with these reviews.