Bags are trendy accessories, perfect for adding to your fashion statement. For crocheters, crocheting bags are a handy skill. You can make one with your regular crochet hooks and any yarn. Single-ended crochet hooks can help you make crocheted fabric that you can fashion into any shape or design. Also with the Tunisian crochet hooks with interchangeable cords, you can attempt the beautiful Tunisian crochet or use the hooks for regular crocheting by simplifying not attaching the cord. If you are into clearing off your stash, bags are interesting projects. Use scraps to make a pretty colorful bag.

Crocheting a bag is a perfect warm-weather project. When you think of unique handmade gifts, they easily make a favored choice. And, the best part of this project is that you’ll find options for backpacks, market bags, totes, zipper pouches, crossbody bags, and more!

Here’s a basic tutorial on how to crochet a bag.

Step 1: Imagine what kind of bag you would like to have

You can crochet any bag in any shape, size, and length. So, first, decide what is that you would like to make. When designing your new bag, start with the width and length measurements you want. Explore the patterns according to your skill level. If it’s a laptop or tote bag, you can measure an existing bag or measure a similar bag to get the basic measurements and shape. Remember that yarn stretches so even the exact measurement may have a different look.

Step 2: Choose your yarn

Wool, cotton, acrylic blends and pretty much anything works for your crochet bag project. Stashbusting is a good option here as you get lots of colors, fibers and more. Even if you have two different yarn weights then combine them for a unique look.

Step 3: Choose your crochet hook

Choose a comfortable crochet hook. Make sure to match it with the yarn. The rule of thumb is bigger stitches can be made with a bigger hook and smaller yarn is best with smaller sizes. But, you can experiment with the look by changing the hook or yarn. Besides the crochet hooks, make sure to be prepared with stitch markers, finishing needles, a repair hook, measuring tape, and other accessories.

Step 4: Make a test swatch

Crocheting a gauge swatch is the next step once you have planned out your project, yarn, and hook. Make a 6-inch square with the yarn and hook it with any of the crochet stitches you are planning for the project. This swatch will give an idea of how the fabric will look, and the quantity of yarn required and help you plan your own design.

Step 5: Start Crochteing

Single crochet (SC) stitch is one of the basics of the craft. The stitch makes a solid fabric that works well for a bag project. if it feels too simple for you, try the reverse single crochet (RSC) stitch. Half double crochet (HDC) stitch creates a little more open fabric as does double crochet (DC) stitch. Treble crochet stitches are the most open weave of all. You can use textured stitches if you have practice with them or attempt with the swatch.

Start with a chain of stitches for the bottom of the bag or use a chainless foundation stitch. Go from bottom to top. You can also make it top to bottom or crochet fabric in squares or rectangles or other shapes and bring them together with a finishing needle

Once you have the required measurements and dimensions you can use embellishments. Use buttons or straps and a lining (if needed).

With these steps, you can easily crochet everyday bags.

Some easy options are:


Crochet in the round starting from the bottom or make a big tubular fabric and attach the bottom. To close the backpack use a drawstring or a button with a flap. Any of the crochet stitches will lend themselves to creating a sturdy and beautiful fabric.

Circular Hippie Bag

Simply crochet up two identical circles to form the body of this bag. Then, add a strap and tassels or even pom poms for a bit of a hippie flair! You can start the circle with a magic ring with no hole in the middle or start with a chain and then make it a circle. Seam the two circles to fashion out a bag.

Granny Square Bag

If you are a fan of granny squares, then this project is surely for you. It can turn any project into a colorful, creative masterpiece! You can easily craft on the go and make a colorful granny square. You will be needing around 20 – 25 squares for a big bag while a small clutch can be designed in 6-8. Once you have the squares ready use the slip stitch to join them together for the project.

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