Have you ever hired the services of a moving company ? If you are thinking of doing it soon, you should know that our moving company in New York can help you with much more than moving all your furniture and belongings to a new home. From rental of furniture storage and storage rooms, to the packaging of delicate objects or the use of furniture assembly cranes, we are prepared to expedite your move and that all your things do not suffer any damage. Next, we review some of our most outstanding services.

Removals transportation

The service that you best recognize from a moving company is surely transportation. We have the necessary infrastructure to carry out a successful move. We have everything from vans to special heavy-duty trucks that include a tail lift. Thanks to this we can move all your furniture and personal belongings safely to their new destination.

Storage and storage rooms

The rental of storage and storage rooms can be especially useful in certain circumstances, and depending on the time this service is needed, it will be better to bet on one or the other option. All our furniture repositories and storage rooms are designed in order to store and keep our clients’ belongings for as long as they need it. For shorter stays, the ideal is to bet on a furniture repository. However, if it is for a long period of time, it may be more appropriate to rent a storage room.

Other services of our moving company

In addition to all of the above, at our moving company we offer all the necessary services to speed up the entire process and you don’t have to do anything:

Procedures such as parking permits.

Furniture assembly cranes to be able to move the furniture around the fa├žade in the case of buildings with difficult access.

Assembly of furniture, placement and distribution in the new home.

You want to know more? Get in touch with our removal company in New York and we will help you.