Soccer in Mexico is a big deal. As the nation’s most-watched, supported and played a sport, it’s deeply ingrained in Mexican society and bears enormous cultural significance.

Throughout this article, we look at Mexican soccer (futbol mexicano), its origins, and its traditions.

How Did Soccer Start In Mexico?

Soccer started in Mexico toward the end of the 19th century when it was introduced to the locals by English miners. Around this time, the game’s official rules had been established, and soccer was beginning to spread globally.

What Is Mexico’s Soccer Called?

In Mexico, soccer is called “fútbol”. This is the Spanish translation for “football,” which soccer is known as in many regions outside North America.

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Is Soccer A Mexican Sport?

Soccer is not a Mexican sport. Although the exact origins of the game are disputed, soccer began in England as we know it today.

Is Soccer Popular In Mexico?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. Since the first teams were established in the early 1900s, soccer quickly gained popularity.

At a club and national level, it has a significant nationwide following. The professional league (Liga MX) is well regarded globally and is followed religiously by fans.

Mexico’s love of the game led to them hosting 2 World Cup tournaments in 1970 and 1986. While it was more popular in the past, today, 55.3% of Mexicans are interested in soccer.

Is Soccer Important To Mexico?

As the most popular sport in the country, soccer is significant to Mexico and its people. As well as being a popular pastime and the most-watched sport in Mexico, soccer is essential for the economy.