Canada is one of those countries which have made the sale and consumption of cannabis legal for both medical and recreational use. If you stay in Canada or plan to visit, it is easy for you to buy weed online. The age criteria for buying weed in Canada is 19 years and above in most of its provinces. It is legal to carry or share up to 30 gms of cannabis in Canada. Each of its provinces has either government or private dealers of weeds. Like other online shopping, it is easy and convenient to buy weeds here.

Tips To Buy Weed Online

Do your research before selecting a particular product. Cannabis is available in different sizes and shapes. You should check the details of the product properly before buying it. You can easily research the good and bad effects of every variety online.

Always buy from a trusted site. There can be scam websites selling marijuana. You have to check the site’s reviews online before making a decision. Trusted sites will also mention their purchase and return policies. One tip for you is that secure sites accept payment through popular credit/debit cards.

Look for the excise stamp on the product. Legalized retailers will sell products that have excise stamps. It proves that the product is prepared to maintain the highest safety and quality standard.

Tips To Recognise The Fake Weed Sellers

Age verification is mandatory in the selling process of marijuana. Fake sites will not ask for age verification. It becomes easy for you to recognize them.

Cannabis in Canada can’t be sold in an attractive package. There are certain rules related to weed packaging like simple packaging, excise stamp, etc. Fake sites may sell weed in glossy packaging like chocolate.

Fake sites may ask for payment in cryptocurrency or unpopular payment methods. These sites may use Gmail or Yahoo as their official email address.

Prices of weeds may seem extremely lower than the actual price on fake websites. They may also have a poorly designed website that lacks proper contact information. It may also miss shipping and return policies. These sites can also ask for your card details for other reasons than payment.

Hope you will now be able to choose the right retailer to buy weed online. But we should be aware of its health effects as well.

Positive Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis can give you relief from chronic pain. It may give short-term relief from depression and stress disorder. Cannabis is not widely accepted for medical use.

Negative Effects of Cannabis

Uncontrolled use of cannabis may lead to mental disorders, testicular cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease, etc.

Though it has both positive and negative effects, it’s not yet popularly used for its negative effects. Research on cannabis’s positive effects is still ongoing. It should be avoided for medical use until or unless it is suggested by your doctor legally after properly examining your mental and physical condition.