Planning for chartering in Greece for a sailing vacation? Hire the best and most reputed  that can plan your itinerary. We ensure that your sailing holiday in Greece will be memorable.

Greece provides many islands, remarkable ruins and history, stunning anchorages and abundant tavernas along the way. Greece is the greatest yacht charter region. This is the place to explore sailing, natural magnificence, western history and welcoming timeless port towns.

Usually, Greece is a mountainous country that provides over 1,400 islands to discover and more shoreline than any other country in Europe. It offers numerous options for exploration on your upcoming superyacht charter. Whether you are looking for sun and fun in Mykonos, a romantic trip in Santorini, or peace and quiet in the Ionian Islands, a professional  has got you covered.

Undoubtedly, exploring the waters of the Greek Islands enables amazing opportunities to find out isolated beaches, picturesque seaside towns, beautiful landscapes and delicious food and wines of the region.

Famous  spots-

The Cyclades Islands– It is one of the most visited and two small islands situated in the heart of the Cyclades. Off the beaten path and away from the crowds of tourists, it is a haven of emerald waters, sandy beaches, smiling, hospitable people, small white homes, spectacular coves for swimming in privacy and of course, plenty of fish! You will experience an amazing sailing feel as these close-to-each-other islands enable you to enjoy outstanding and diverse itineraries and anchorages. You can visit these places between June and mid July in the summer as well as in September.

The Saronic Islands– The Saronic Islands are near Athens. The windswept Cyclades are in the central Aegean. These islands are stunning and magnificent to view that provide great dining, shopping and sailing. They are sheltered compared to other Greek islands owing to their nearness to the mainland.

The Ionian Islands– These islands are in the Ionian Sea in western Greece and the key spots are Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, and Ithaca. Each of which has its own unique traditions, culture, and landscapes. You can enjoy spectacular beaches, vivid green landscapes, and old-fashioned port towns.

Things to Consider-

Perfect time– When it comes to the best season for sailing in Greece, it is from March to early November. Autumn is the best season for a yacht charter in Greece as during this time, the climate is most suitable.

Type of Charter– There are different options available to choose from. It depends on the number of people in your group, your budget and anything in between. Professional service providers offer a varied choice of luxury charter boats for hire in Greece to meet all of your demands, including a crewed mega motor yacht, motor sailor, or sailing yacht. Explore the Greek Islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, and Zakynthos.

Duration– Make sure about how many days you want a trip. Accordingly, book your .

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