When anyone mentions a bearing, the immediate visual representation that comes to mind is that of a ball bearing. However, air bearings are heavy-duty pneumatic caster wheels that have replaced the small balls with air cushions or bags. The low-friction device utilizes a thin air of condensed air that supports the weighted load and shifts it effortlessly without frequent lubrication.

The device has revolutionized the material handling industry by offering a safer and more convenient way to lift and move heavy loads. A vast majority of businesses have switched to air bearings to execute high-speed operations with precision.

Air bearings can help businesses enjoy a dramatic improvement in their productivity, performance, and profitability. While a wide range of air bearings are available in the market, businesses in diverse industries worldwide trust Hovair Systems for its ergonomic equipment for moving heavy loads.

All you need is a constant 85 psi compressed air supply and a non-porous, smooth floor service to enjoy significant time, energy, and money savings, along with many other benefits associated with air bearing moving systems.

Benefit #1- No Need for Repetitive Movements

Most material handling tasks require repetitive movements that often lead to musculoskeletal disorders, straining, and injuries. Air bearings are perfect for operations requiring repetitive movements. Just bolt-mount the air bearings on caster modules to the machine and let it handle the rest.

For instance, if you invest in a Round Steel module, simply attach it to the machine and connect the air control valves and hoses. Then connect the air compressor to the ball-valve inlet. Adjust the airflow according to the machine’s weight to ensure an even floating load.

In most cases, this is a one-time task because the machine automatically lifts the weight off the floor effortlessly as soon as you snap on the air supply to the ball valve. The pinpoint accuracy and omnidirectional properties of the ergonomic equipment moving systems allow for ensuring the load moves in the same position time after time.

Benefit #2- Accurate Load Positioning and Even Weight Distribution

Since the heavy load moving system floats on air, there are no restrictions on how it moves as long as its travel path is clear of obstructions. The path then becomes omnidirectional, meaning no need to shove and push to line up the load.

It also eliminates the struggles of changing directions or causing damage while trying to get the loads in place. The airflow can be adjusted at any time, allowing operations to be carried out effortlessly. As soon as the destination arrives, simply push the machinery or load into place with pinpoint accuracy.

The tremendous versatility boasted by Hovair’s load moving systems allows for moving the most awkward-shaped and bulky loads easily and flexibly. Just support the load properly with air casters and enjoy the proportionate and even weight distribution that keeps loads safe and makes the task as easy as a proverbial piece of cake.

air bearings by Hovair Systems

Benefit #3- Runs of Renewable Compressed Air

All standard heavy load handling systems by Hovair Systems, including air pallets, air bearings, air lifting jacks, and heavy-duty aluminum transporters, only need compressed air to operate. Neither propane gas tanks nor electricity is needed to power these heavy load moving solutions. All you need is to buy top-quality air compressors and keep them in tip-top shape for safe and continuous operations.

Benefit #4- No Extensive Experience or Special Training is Required

Due to their inherent lower safety risks, air-powered material handling equipment doesn’t require any extensive training for optimal operation. Unlike crane or forklift drivers, you won’t need your operators to undertake any special certifications or training to use the ergonomic equipment moving systems.

The best part is that each tool comes with a comprehensive safety manual. So anyone with decent knowledge about compressed air and regulations can operate the equipment.

These tools have eliminated the need for muscular men dedicated to moving heavy loads within facilities. Since the load floats effortlessly on a thin air film, it doesn’t require enormous amounts of energy and effort to move. As little as one pound of human force can move up to a hundred pounds of weight, according to material handling experts.

woman construction worker carrying load manually

Whether it’s guys or gals, anyone can operate Hovair’s range of cutting-edge load moving systems. Apart from flexibility and ease of use, these ergonomic solutions also help to increase efficiency, productivity, and safety, leading to reduced absenteeism, injuries, or unplanned downtime.

Say goodbye to electric or mechanical systems that require an additional power source and pose risks of electrocution, malfunctioning, and accidents. Invest in Hovair System’s range of ergonomic material handling systems.

The company has been offering pneumatic tools proven to keep workers, operators, floors, and loads safe for over five decades. Over the years, their engineers have designed reliable, versatile, and cost-effective air-powered tools to move heavy loads with varying heights, widths, weights, and lengths.

Hovair’s range of sustainable heavy load handling systems includes air bearing kits, load leveling airbags, air beams, air casters, air skates, and more. Their experienced professionals can also help you streamline top-quality automobile and industrial turntables and other lifting and rigging equipment. To provide end-to-end solutions to all clients, the company also stores top-notch air compressors that can be purchased at reasonable rates.

Schedule a consultation to speak to our qualified experts. Their team can work with you to understand your facility’s unique needs and provide you with information about their cutting-edge moving systems for heavy loads. More information is just a call away!