Your body gets prone to fever whenever you are exposed to bad weather or consume unhealthy or contaminated foods and drinks. But, do you know that high fever can be the cause of serious health disorders? Various types of fever can be known with the help of the Fever Panel Test


The test is done to make you familiar with the type of fever so that the doctor can suggest you the needed medication and treatment. Fever is the very first symptom of a complex health issue. Hence, it should not be ignored or it could trouble you more in the future. 


Take a look at why you need a fever panel test:- 


Fever Panel Test – Definition 

A Fever Panel Test is a type of blood test which is done to check the type of fever and the cause behind your fever. With the onset of monsoon, there comes relief from the heat and the weather becomes pleasant. 


But, with monsoon season, there comes a list of dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, typhoid, and other harmful diseases. This happens due to changes in the weather and our body gets exposed to fever. Hence, you need a fever panel test if you get caught with a high fever or it could become a life-threatening disease. 


The fever profile test consists of blood and urine test to find out the reason behind your illness so that you get proper treatment and medication to cure it. It can be anything typhoid, Urinary Tract Infection, malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, etc. The symptoms include headache, dizziness, weakness, and poor vision. The result of the test helps doctors in suggesting the right treatment and medication.

Need For a Fever Panel Test 

There is a purpose for considering a fever panel test and it is to know about the cause behind fever. It is a comprehensive range of tests to detect the types of illness. 


Need for the test when you see the symptoms of malaria, dengue, and typhoid such as:- 


  • Chronic fever
  • Abdominal pain
  • Headache
  • Skin rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness 
  • Loss of hunger 
  • Weakness


Furthermore, early detection of the type of fever helps in speedy recovery. Hence, it is essential to take the test without wasting much time to save yourself from complex health issues. 


What does the Fever Panel Test consist of? 

The fever panel test list is:- 

  • Complete Blood Count Test 
  • Malaria Antigen Test 
  • typhoid IgM test
  •  Dengue NS1 by ELISA Method 
  • Urine Routine Analysis 
  • Covid19- RTPCR

With the help of the above tests, you get proper information about the overall functioning of the body so that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Preparation Before the Test 

There is no such special preparation before the test but the doctor may ask you to go for 8 hrs fasting before the test. The patient needs to drink enough water to keep them hydrated and also to get an accurate test result. 


What Does the Test Reveal? 

Coming to the most vital part is what the test indicates, the test reveals what type of fever you are suffering from. After the test, you need to visit your doctor to get suitable treatment and medication. 


The test reveals the following fevers:- 

  • Constant Fever:- a condition when an individual goes through continuous fever and it is mostly caused due to bacterial infection. Constant fever includes pneumonia, and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), and is an indication of typhoid fever. 

  • High Fever:- A high fever that takes place suddenly and is followed by fatigue, headache, body pain, and weakness. It can be a sign of dengue fever. 

  • Irregular Fever:- The temperature of the body remains normal during the day but increases at night. It is mainly a parasitic or bacterial infection and can be a symptom of malaria fever. 

  • Recurring Fever:- The temperature remains high throughout the day and night. It mainly occurs due to inflammation of the tissue of the internal organs. 
  • Rheumatic Fever:- It is a bacterial fever that causes a throat infection. If you are ignoring the symptoms at the beginning it could give rise to serious health complications. 


The result of the test can detect any sort of viral, bacterial, or parasitical fever for you to recover soon. Consult a good doctor and take the Fever Panel Test to know the reason behind your symptoms. 


Health Advice

Keeping your health in good condition is what your body demands and you must abide by it. A Fever Panel test is needed when you have a high fever, and you need to maintain your diet and lifestyle pattern. Redcliffe Labs is a trusted and reliable diagnostic center to give you the best health service and tests. 


If you get any symptoms that include high fever, headache, and weakness, then you must go for the test to be free from any serious health complications which may take place in the future. Know the fever panel test price by connecting today.