You have a lot of crucial choices to make as a healthcare provider about your revenue cycle operations. With so many vital chores to complete, should you handle it all internally or hire a professional to do it on your behalf? The healthcare sector is constantly debating outsourcing collection services to a third-party debt collection agency. Regarding the collection process, there is no one answer that is universally correct or incorrect. To collect more patient payments that are due, many healthcare providers, however, outsource all or a portion of their revenue cycle management operations. Many people are also moving away from fee-for-service choices and towards value-based patient care.

Here’s what you should know about the changing world of outsourcing debt recovery to collection services from the Healthcare Financial Management point of view.

Outsource Medical Debt Collections to a healthcare debt collection agency.

Instead of being merely the “cash flow” sector, the revenue cycle is now increasingly seen as a strategic business unit. Financial institutions collaborated for a long time with independent service providers who all offered comparable services for recovering debt from third parties. Currently, some healthcare facilities—including small enterprises—are attempting to establish a kind of alliance with firms that provide collections services. Many healthcare provider companies are realizing how strategically sound it can be to collaborate with a third-party collection agency for revenue cycle services.

Benefits of such a setup include:

  • Reduce the expense of collecting past-due debt
  • Simplify activities related to accounts receivable (AR)
  • Availability of a larger, more varied staffing pool
  • Experience-driven results and solutions
  • More time to devote to providing excellent customer service/patient care

In addition to these advantages, a partner with a global presence has access to a variety of expertise and can use that talent to enlighten the entire healthcare system. Additionally, working with a commercial collections partner guarantees that you are both moving in the same general direction. Healthcare organizations and their revenue cycle partners (collection teams) must work together cooperatively.

Debt Collection Agencies

Recent case studies have demonstrated that outsourcing collection efforts result in a greater rate of debt recovery. However, having a solid partnership and mutual respect with your third-party debt collection agency is what generates the highest debt recovery.

A reputed healthcare debt recovery company has been in operation for years. The debt experts take the time to learn about your particular needs first. Your solutions are then developed by their talented staff to position you for future financial success. It is preferable to avoid getting too involved with customers’ financial difficulties, particularly when it comes to medical debt.

The process of collecting unpaid debt can be tense and daunting. Let debt collection experts do all of the grunts work on your behalf. When it comes to third-party debt collections in healthcare settings, a debt collection service offers both tested outcomes and a portfolio of experience. Contact a medical debt collection agency right away to find out more about our revenue cycle services and outsourcing collections.