Navis One is an ideal choice for your next voyage, whether it be for business or pleasure. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or simply dreaming of exploring the Caribbean, there are plenty of reasons why we could help make that dream come true!

Navis One offers a range of yachts suitable for chartering in France and beyond. From our iconic Navis One Superyacht to smaller vessels such as the Navis One 42m Charter Yacht – which boasts an abundance of features including a Jacuzzi and fitness area; plus Navis One 52m Charter Yacht – complete with its own submarine garage! Whatever vessel you choose, rest assured that you’ll find everything you need onboard!

With five years under our belts as a yacht charter broker in France, Navis One is more than equipped to provide you with quality services at an affordable price. To learn more about our fleet and offerings, please explore this article and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


1. The Vessel Is Considered a Luxury Resort


Navis One is an opulent 5-star yacht that surpasses all expectations of a luxury cruiser. With its sumptuous interiors, immaculate appointments and attention to detail – from its expansive sundecks with breathtaking views of the French Riviera coastline to spacious accommodations which effortlessly blend both casual elegance with high-end finishes – this vessel is a veritable Shangri-La on the seas!

However, there’s more: The deck space provides ample room for al fresco dining in addition to countless lounging areas complete with plush sofas, chairs and ottomans; sunbathing cushions as well as plenty of deck games like ping pong or croquet! For leisurely excursions, we offer our guests sophisticated equipment such as treadmills, yoga mats and even aqua therapy equipment for those seeking to escape into a state of tranquility amidst their journeys along the shoreline.


2. It Will Host 250 Guests at a Time


With a capacity of 250 guests, the Navis One is more than capable of accommodating large gatherings without compromising its luxe design.

With a maximum capacity of 250 guests on board, this vessel boasts unparalleled flexibility for events ranging from intimate celebrations to grand galas.

The unique design includes high ceilings with vast expanses of glass creating an inviting ambiance both indoors and out; providing ideal settings for events like concerts or conferences alike!


3. It Offers Four Different Decks


Navis One is outfitted with a choice of up to four decks: lower-level aft deck, midship deck, upper-mid-deck and forward deck. Fully tiled areas bring the yacht’s interior design to life through an array of light fixtures, making for an airy ambiance within.

The crafted woodwork on the mid-level decking offers an invigorating experience. On the upper level, you’ll find that one – adorned with custom-made furnishings – offers some plush enjoyment as well as a distinctive style ideal for long sojourns at sea!

It’s imperative to note that reaching each of these levels requires traversing several decks – which may make it more challenging than you anticipated!


4. It Will Be Served Around the Clock by the Crew


My thoughts about this aspect of the Navis One experience are simple: it’s refreshing to encounter a yacht that is not solely under the control of one person.

The team aboard the vessel is comprised of over 20 people from various nationalities, with most speaking English.

In addition to those glamorous dining options, our chef will be catering for your every need.


5. Amenities Include an outdoor pool


The galley of the Navis One boasts two sinks, a mini-fridge, and ample storage space. This is alongside all of its amenities like an array of cooking utensils and cookware as well as cutlery; crockery; pots – even an intriguing ice cream freezer!

For those seeking a more invigorating experience, there’s also a swimming pool decked out with sun loungers and parasols for sunbathing during hot days.




Navis One is home to a refreshingly cool swimming pool, which guests may make use of during their stay. This pool is situated on Deck 3 and overlooks some serene waterside views; ensuring that lounging by the poolside doesn’t compromise the sense of tranquility experienced aboard the yacht.

Of course, there are several aspects of your swim experience onboard Navis One – including temperature – which must be taken into consideration before deciding when you’ll want to swim!

Just as it promises with its ‘analog technology’, your swim will take place in an immaculate pool decked out with designer mosaic tiles.


gym and SPA


For those seeking both mental and physical stimulation, there are two pools on board; one for sunbathing and reading by followed by an invigorating swim. There is also a separate pool for aqua aerobics classes that may be booked as desired – what an enticing idea!

When it comes to spa sessions onboard, this yacht has plenty of options for relaxation. It can accommodate up to 12 guests in the spacious spa area with a choice of four different treatments available daily ranging from massage therapies such as deep tissue and aromatherapy massages which will leave you gasping for air after their indulgent yet gratifying experiences. Alternatively, alongside the more conventional options like facials or manicures – where you could receive pampering without leaving your room if preferred – we have also included some unique offerings like hydrotherapy massages, salt bath with its invigorating properties or even an ayurvedic massage experience! Additionally, along with these luxurious treatments you can indulge yourself with scrumptious gourmet cuisine provided during these activities.


About the Navis One Super Yacht Charter France


The Navis One is a one-of-a-kind yacht, and its port of call in France is certainly worthy of an excursion. Boasting an advanced design that combines technology with aesthetics, she exudes sophisticated refinement while also offering outstanding comfort.

The elegant craft has been described as the world’s ultimate expression of minimalism, which blends seamlessly with exquisite design and engineering. According to those who have sailed on board, visitors can enjoy a relaxing experience under the sun; exploring its intriguing interiors, dining within its opulent galley spaces or soaking up some delicious cocktails on deck.

Nais One boasts four spacious decks for socializing in style: The uppermost main deck affords panoramic views from its lofty perch. Onshore exploration is effortless thanks to such features as a retractable swim platform and top-class amenities like Jacuzzi aft cabins!




Navis One’s Super Yacht Charter France is a veritable behemoth of an endeavor, so we are happy to inform those seeking out a lavish vessel that the company’s fleet of jumbo yachts are perfect for all types of itineraries. With over 100 vessels in its inventory, Navis One has a superyacht that can accommodate any adventure!