Folding DiBlasi Electric Tricycles Ireland is a good option for disabled people to live an independent and comfortable life. They are available in different sizes and with different accessories.

Are you living in Ireland and looking for the equipment available for a disabled person? No doubt, if somebody in your family and friends is disabled, moving for him or her can be difficult. To make the life of the person easy and convenient, the electric tricycle manufacturer in the market is Folding DiBlasi Electric Tricycles Ireland. These Electric Tricycles promise the best level of ease and useability which is just impossible with non-folding cycles.

Not only does the ability to fold make storage more realistic but it also means that Di Blasi tricycles have considerably boosted the level of flexibility. The small folded size makes transportation in a car quite comfortable. The entire process of folding takes about five seconds and three simple steps without the requirement of any tool or the requirement to screw or unscrew any parts. Unfolding for use can be completed at the same time with the least effort.

If you are looking for something special this time it is going to be simply flawless for you. Let’s look into the top features associated with Electric Tricycles Ireland.


  • Low central step through (19cm)

  • Foldable pedals

  • 20″ wheels

  • Twist grip gear changer

  • Dynamo-powered front and rear lights

  • V brakes with a combined parking brake

  • Bell and mudguards

  • Integral rear carrier


The best thing about the product is its customized size solution for adults, juniors, and kids.

Tricycle for adults: for adult people, the size of the product remains over 160 cm. As far as standard size is concerned, you can look ahead with a saddle to pedal inside leg 73.5 – 82.5 cm.

Tricycle for adult Junior: It includes an option for the age of 14 to 18 years. Here is the standard size available saddle to pedal, inside leg 69 – 73.5 cm.

Tricycle for the age group of 9-14 years

It includes the size of the cadet that is a standard saddle to pedal. It has a leg fixed at 64 cm.

There are different accessories available with the products. The accessories make the products better:

  • Backrest with side supports

  • Gel seat cover

  • Folding foot cages

  • Shopping bag

  • Transport bag

  • Side Mirrors


Now, you can look ahead with amazing color options which include graphite grey, blue or red. As per your taste and requirements, you can select any color.

Moreover, they are quite comfortable and safe. You don’t need to have a lot of skill riding bikes to travel on one of these, even on the bumpiest roads. This makes them an ideal option for an elderly person. One will get quite a workout when you ride your bike to go on everyday jobs. You can easily place an order for Folding DiBlasi Electric Tricycles Ireland online!