1. Compare rewards programs. Different airlines have different rewards programs, so it’s important to compare what each offers before signing up. Look for programs that offer family-friendly benefits, such as discounts when booking group travel or extra miles for family trips.


  1. Plan ahead. When booking flights, check to see if you can earn extra miles by booking further in advance. This way, you’ll have more time to accumulate miles and use them for a more expensive flight.


  1. Maximize rewards. Some airlines offer a bonus for transferring miles from one family member to another. Utilize this feature to help family members accrue more miles and use them for larger purchases.


  1. Use credit cards with rewards programs. Many credit cards offer rewards for using them, such as extra points or miles when you make purchases. Consider signing up for a credit card with a rewards program to help you accumulate more miles.


  1. Take advantage of promotions. Airlines often offer promotional deals that can help you accrue more miles. Check the airline’s website regularly to see if you can take advantage of any special offers.


  1. Sign up for the airline’s loyalty program. Most airlines offer loyalty programs that reward frequent flyers with additional benefits, such as upgrades or discounts. Take advantage of these options to help you and your family accumulate more miles.


  1. Join an affinity program. Some airlines offer partnership programs with other companies, such as hotels. Joining these programs can help you earn extra miles when you use their services.


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