Fresh food is always better than store-bought. In fact, not only does it taste better, but it’s also more nutritious and sustainable.

They are better for the environment

No packaging, no waste — Fresh dog food is simply packaged in a sealed bag that can be easily opened and put into your pet’s bowl. This eliminates the need for packaging or waste from excess packaging materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfills or oceans if left on the shelf uneaten.

No preservatives, no additives — Fresh dog food does not contain any chemicals or additives that may harm your pet’s health, like preservatives or artificial flavors and colors found in other types of kibble products available today. You won’t find these kinds of ingredients in fresh dog foods either!

They are better for your pooch

Fresh food is better for your dog. It’s more natural, and it’s better for your pooch’s digestive system. Fresh foods have less chance of getting sick because they’re not processed, so dogs don’t absorb the preservatives or chemicals that often come with dry kibble.

Fresh food also has a stronger immune system than canned or bagged foods, which means that dogs can fight off infections more easily when they get sick (and you don’t have to worry about buying antibiotics).

Fresh food also helps with coat health! When dogs eat fresh meaty bones every day—or even once a week—their coats look shinier and softer than those who never get any omega-3 fatty acids in their diet at all; dogs who eat this type of nutritionally balanced meal may even shed fewer dander particles during allergy season!

They make your dog a happier camper

When you feed your dog a diet that’s made from fresh ingredients, he’ll be much happier.

They eat more: It’s not just about the food itself—it’s about the way it tastes and smells. Fresh foods tend to be more appetizing than processed ones, and dogs love them! Feeding your dog more often also helps keep his weight up since he needs less energy for digestion when fed fresh food.

They’re healthier: If you’ve ever had any experience with sick dogs (or cats), then you know how hard it can be on everyone involved! When a pet gets sick, it could mean lots of lost wages due to missed work time or medical bills stemming from caretaking tasks like administering medication or fluids at home; but if we were able to prevent those issues by fixing things up before they happen then everyone would benefit greatly! Dogs are no exception — when they eat better quality organic food every day then their bodies will function better overall which means fewer visits with vets who charge astronomical fees because there aren’t any underlying health problems present first before treatment begins.”

Your dog will be more active and stronger.

Fresh food is better for your dog’s immune system, digestive system and skin and coat. It also helps with their teeth and behavior. You can read Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food Reviews if you have any concerns regarding the fresh food for your dog.

It’s true that some of the nutrients in raw meat are destroyed when it comes in contact with heat or bacteria (this is why you shouldn’t cook a chicken before giving it to your dog). But this doesn’t mean that all of the nutrients have been destroyed! Raw meat still contains many essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which can help support your pet’s health.

Fresh food is better food!

Fresh food is better for your dog.

Fresh food is better for the environment.

Fresh food is better for you and your family, because fresh means you can eat it without worrying about how long it’s been sitting in a warehouse or whether or not it will spoil before being eaten (which can happen with most dry dog foods). Fresh dog food also costs less than canned or frozen options, which are often packed with preservatives and other additives that can be harmful to dogs’ health over time. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice flavor!


Fresh food is better for your dog and the planet. It’s also more likely to be good for them, because it doesn’t sit around in a cage waiting for its turn at the chow bowl. Fresh food helps dogs live longer and healthier lives, so make sure you’re feeding them well! You may read what our clients have to say by searching for Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food Reviews.