Flowers make conversations happen, even in moments when you don't know what to say or how to
express what you feel, flowers always come in to help you with such situations. Life might put you in
situations where you are left with no words to say, profound grief and an awkward silence. For this reason
flowers have been a part of funerals since forever, initially flowers were used at funerals to cover up any
bad odor and to ward off evil spirits. With funeral flowers you can present your condolences, show your
support and empathy towards the family of the deceased. Flowers are also directed towards the person
who has passed away, to celebrate the life they lived and honor them.
Since flowers are so central to funerals one has to be a little particular about what they pick, here is a
guide for you from Full Bloom Funeral & Sympathy Flowers to choose flowers along with their meaning –


This is a traditional pick when it comes to sympathy flowers, roses are used very often in Casket sprays,
along with green fillers like spider plant leaves. Since Roses come in a bunch of different shades you can
pick Red ones. It might seem a little absurd to pick a color so bright however Red Roses symbolize love,
courage, strength and respect. You can also get dark red roses which have deeper tones, this symbolizes
sorrow and grief.

Asiatic lilies

These flowers, especially white ones, are used in wreaths and standing sprays. Asiatic lilies also come in
various colors, one can go with light pink or red ones for such occasions. White lilies symbolize innocence
and purity, they also have religious meaning and represent the sanctity of Virgin Mary.


A perfect flower which is found in sizes small and medium, English daisies can be used as a filler flower in
your bouquet. They are also added to wreaths, Cross and name letters. Daisies are generally seen in
white but with their huge family you will find a variety in shape and color. Daisies in general symbolize
new beginnings, hope and peace.

Gerbera Daisies

You will get Gerberas in a range of different colors, mostly vibrant ones, these are also heavily used in
wreaths, standing sprays and flower baskets. You can go with a specific color for your flower basket, like
red, white, green or even a subtle pink. You can get all these colors in gerberas. Gerberas symbolize
innocence, deep love and purity.


This flower looks beautiful and calming at the same time. Orchids are also easy to find and can be
ordered for funeral flowers online in Frisco. Orchids add a character to your flower arrangement be it a
casket spray or bouquet. Apart from fresh cut orchids you can also go with planted Phalaenopsis orchids.
These are potted flowering plants which are also easy to carry. Orchids have a range of meaning which
also depends on the color and type, but overall orchids symbolize being thoughtful, love, refinement and
also beauty.


This is another filler flower used commonly in cremation urn flower arrangements. You will find such
flowers around the urn. Snapdragons in white with green stem and leaves can be added to any flower
arrangement. Apart from white the flowers can be found in other pastel shades like yellow and pink.
Snapdragons symbolize grace and positivity.

Peace Lily

Another flower which can be given both as a bouquet and a potted plant. Peace lily like its name suggests
that it symbolizes peace, healing and tranquility.
With a wide variety of sympathy flowers in frisco tx, you can find one that is most appropriate. Along
with delivery and a wide online selection you can get flowers of your desired kind.