The Crane wheel is one of the vital parts of the crane traveling system. It serves the critical role of withstanding its weight when running on the track smoothly. It allows the crane to operate and lift loads properly. It is also used to load the weight and capacity of the crane body when traveling and moving. The quality of the crane wheel will significantly affect the crane. We have mentioned more details about the wheel, so scroll down the page!

Different types of crane wheels

Crane wheels are classified into various types according to different standards. It includes casting and forging crane wheels and single-edge and double-edge crane wheels. You can choose the type of wheel for your crane based on your needs. But, whenever making a selection, consider the factors such as crane wheels application, flange height, materials used, and hardness of the rolling surface.

Benefits of the crane wheels

Investing in the right quality crane wheels will give you the following advantages.

  • Enhance the crane functionality
  • Highly resistant to flange wear and pitting resistant
  • Faster turnaround times and offer excellent performance
  • Help the crane load and carry tremendous weight easily and effectively
  • It helps the crane withstand industrial conditions without any fault and malfunction


Why choose the best steel spare manufacturer?

Whether you need Sink Roll or crane wheels, finding a reliable and experienced steel spares manufacturer is mandatory. They deliver custom-engineered solutions using the latest technologies and tools for different crane applications. They also designed the crane wheels to operate in tough environments and carry heavy loads easily. They use top-quality materials to manufacture crane spare parts at a reasonable rate. You will also get crane wheels with supervised quality and advanced designs.

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