PRP hair regrowth treatment

At any given point of time, your hair is going through any one of the four stages of its life cycle –

  1. In the anagen or growing phase, the hair is growing actively and the longer this phase lasts, the longer the hair will grow.
  2. In the catagen or transition phase, the hair follicles are starting to shrink and the hair growth will also slow down.
  3. In the telogen or resting phase, the hair is officially full formed and the hair follicles take a rest.
  4. In the exogen or shedding phase, the old hair shaft is pushed out, in order to make way for new hair.

As long as this cycle goes on without a glitch, you will have that looks and feels healthy and voluminous; but when you have too many hair in the third or fourth stage and the first and second stages are not kicking in fast enough, you will notice a loss of hair, loss of volume and your hair might not look like it used to. And if you are facing hair loss, then you might want to consider Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP hair regrowth treatment.

Although PRP as a therapy has been around for a long time, it was only in the recent past that it was considered as a suitable treatment protocol even for hair loss. As a matter of fact, with the kind of results it has been showing, it has become a popular non-invasive option for those who are only seeing the beginnings of hair loss or are not ready to commit to any other, more long drawn treatment.

And yes, when done properly, it can give you that volume boost that you are looking for!

  • So why is it that PRP works?

If you have been considering PRP therapy for hair loss, then it would make sense to spend some time not only trying to understand what it is, but also why it works.

If one were to try and explain this process in the simplest of terms, it would go something like this – a small amount of blood is taken from your body, similar to a regular blood test. The blood is then placed in a test tube, which in turn is placed inside a centrifuge. The centrifugal action leads to the separation of the components of the blood – platelet, plasma and white blood cells. The platelet rich plasma is like a miracle serum, because it is high healing and regenerative properties. This PRP is then injected into the sites on the scalp, where there is most obvious hair loss.

  • Now, here’s why it works:
  •  For starters, this is a completely non-surgical approach – the only instruments used are some needles and the ones used for the actual PRP hair regrowth treatment are microneedles. This means that there is literally no downtime and because the healing happens almost within hours, the effect is also faster. Most people are able to see results in less than 7 sessions!
  • Because it is the blood from your own body that is being used, there is no worry about any infections or allergic reactions. The procedure actually makes use of the natural healing mechanism of the body, to allow for better hair growth and less hair loss.
  • The growth factors and the proteins that are naturally extracted via the centrifugal action can stimulate the hair follicles directly. In addition, it can also encourage new hair growth and make the existing hair healthier. All these factors, when put together, give you a head of hair that is thicker, more voluminous and beautiful looking!
  • Another reason why the PRP hair regrowth treatment is becoming so increasingly popular is the fact that it can help improve the quality of your hair. The hair that will grow and the ones that already exist on your head, will now be thicker, stronger, shinier and lot more resilient to styling and falling.
  • Perhaps one of the greatest pluses for PRP is the fact that it is a completely customized treatment – when you go to a reputed clinic, rather than being handed a brochure with standardized procedures, you will be provided with a tailormade experience. Your hair type, your hair loss, your medical history and more will be taken into consideration, before a course of action is charted out for you. Even the number of sessions you need and the number of injections you will need per session will be exclusive to you!

Given that PRP therapy for hair loss works really well in tandem with other hair procedures such as transplants, it has become widely accepted. It is for reasons like this that you too might want to consider this therapy for your hair loss and for when you want that ‘crowning glory’ back!