Plastic pallets are quickly becoming the platform of choice for many businesses. As supply chain managers see them increasingly being used in place of traditional wooden pallets, they may wonder what plastic pallets are used for, when to use them, and what problems they solve. At Beercrafts, our  plastic pallets UK  are used to transport all products shipped by wooden pallets. However, plastic pallets are particularly competitive with wooden pallets when the product being transported is food, pharmaceuticals or another item that is particularly susceptible to contamination, spoilage or deterioration.

The unique features of our plastic pallets also make them ideal for automated systems. Here, plastic pallets benefit from the material from which they are made. Plastic is light, strong, durable, and impervious to water and does not decompose due to the action of moisture or microorganisms. High-quality plastic pallets have a solid unified structure, do not use nails or boards, but wooden pallets often break apart and leave debris in the production and transportation areas.

The material and construction of plastic pallets make them the ideal transportation platform for industries that prioritize hygiene, safety and durability. These can be economically beneficial for almost any industry, but when cleaning and disinfecting in the supply chain is critical, plastic pallets are the obvious choice.

What is the use of Recycled Plastic Pallets?

Plastic waste is a major concern for environmentalists, governments, and organizations as much of plastic is disposed of in an environmentally unfriendly manner, resulting in ocean pollution, oversized landfills, and ecological damage. Therefore, plastic recycling is essential to improve the environment and improve waste management solutions. At Beercrafts, we strongly believe that waste matters and do our best to get waste out of landfills, including plastics. We offer a full line of recycled plastic pallets including plastic, wood, metal, food waste and more!

Thermoforming is much cheaper than the other two and uses a sheet of plastic, which is heated almost to a liquid form, then pulled into the mold by vacuum and fills the space as intended. They are a bit soft and have good bearing capacity when using the fork. They cannot support heavy weights.

Other processes used include blow molding, rotational molding, extrusion, and compression molding. Although uncommon, these processes are often used for low volumes and can be very effective. So, if you are looking for the best place to buy recycled plastic pallets, visit our website and contact us.

Why should you buy Plastic Crates from Beercrafts?

At Beercrafts, our  plastic crates  are containers used to move or transport goods from point A to point B. They are also used for storage and are made entirely or partially of plastic materials. The base material is plastic; it gives its distinction like durability. Our boxes are made of wood, plastic, metal, or other materials. The term barrel usually implies a large, sturdy container. Most plastic containers are smaller and are often referred to as bins or containers. Our plastic containers play an important role in the agricultural industry, facilitating hygienic and efficient transportation.

They are good alternatives to traditional wooden and cardboard crates, as plastic crates are resistant to fungal growth inside the crates. We have a very wide range for the storage and transportation of small materials or products. Furthermore, our wide range also includes all types of related caps. With us, you will find almost all types of plastic waste bins in the widest range of sizes and designs, making it easy for you to find the right bin. At Beercrafts, you can easily choose what you are looking for in a plastic crate with just a few mouse clicks.

For example, you can click on the desired size, version, and of course load capacity. Do you have a specific budget in mind when looking for a plastic bin? We offer boxes in different price categories. No matter what plastic bin or pallet box you are looking for, you can find success easily and quickly at Beercrafts.