Have you decided to move your entire house to a new place with the professional assistance of movers in the Philippines? If yes, then you have made the right decision. Let the experts pack your entire household stuff, load it safely into their protected vehicles, and drop it off wisely at the new place in the shortest possible time.

Now that one thing is sorted on your part, seek the professional assistance of movers and storage units in the Philippines’ service providers. But what about finding the best time to move to save on your budget? Well, the moving rates offered by the service providers fluctuate every single time and may not be the same. However, there are few instances when the rates of moving service companies actually drop in which you can move to a new place cost-effectively.

So, here in this blog, we will let you know the best time to hire a moving service in the Philippines online without going anywhere else.

  • Choose non-rush hour: Assuming you’re moving in a busy area, it’s ideal to do the moving during non-rush hours. That is because the moving truck can get to the primary area and get headed for the drive to the following area as soon as possible. If the movers were stuck in rush hour, you might charge for additional charges because of the extended moving time.
  • Select weekday timing: Work days commonly have less interest for moving organizations. A few trucking organizations will have lower rates during the weekdays than on the weekends. Be that as it may, most trucking organizations will charge the equivalent no matter what time and day.
  • Rainy season: This is the very thing we in the moving business call the “Slow time of year”. Many trucking organizations will bring down their rates during rainy reasons. This is on the grounds that the interest for movers is lower during these times. Interestingly, movers will raise their rates, some of the time up to 30%, during the pre-summer and mid-year months. A great many people move during these times because of the low rates.


Move your entire household area with the professional assistance of movers and storage space rental providers. Also, select the appropriate off-season to move to a new place not just cost-effectively but smoothly and wisely.