The rising need for digitized solutions and the fast-paced technology advancements make it critical for entrepreneurs to start a mobile app-based business. People rely on mobile apps for almost everything like booking a taxi, ordering groceries, sending parcels, consulting with a doctor, etc. It is now the need of the hour for you to get the Gojek Clone and redefine how people shop!

With this app, you can change the future of on-demand service businesses! How? Let’s learn that in this blog.

But, before we begin, you must look at the key highlights of this multi-service app.

A Few Details You Must Know About Gojek Clone

Before we discuss how this app will change the future of on-demand businesses, let us take a look at what this app does:

  • The Gojek-like app allows your users to book 101+ on-demand services.
  • It is loaded with multiple advanced features that help customers seamlessly book services.
  • The entire Mobile Application package you will purchase should not only include the apps but also a website, an admin panel, KIOSK apps, and an iWatch app. Moreover, you will also get other supporting panels too.

Redefining the Future of On-demand Business with Gojek Clone

Mobile apps have become such an important part of the on-demand service business that it is difficult to even manage activities without it.

Why we are saying so? Well, that is because this app supports:

All-in-one services

This app is an all-in-one platform that allows your users to book 101+ services. Thus, using this app, your users can sign up, and book taxi rides, order food online, send parcels, video consult with experts, and hire professionals for at-home services.

Also, users can get bids for handyman services and hire a delivery Genie or Runner. Well, these are only a few of the many on-demand services available on the app.

The assortment of services also includes:

  • Buying, selling, & renting properties
  • Buying, selling, & renting cars
  • Buying, selling, & renting general items
  • Carpooling
  • On-demand medical services
  • Track family members & employees
  • Explore nearby businesses

Advanced features

The Gojek Clone pre-integrates the most amazing features. All of these ultra-modern features together help the customers to easily book and receive the services.

To mention a few, here are the top features that you and your users will love:

  • Login with biometric authentication:

iPhone users can log into the app using Face ID while Android users can use their Fingerprints. The feature enables them to log into the app without remembering usernames and passwords.

  • OTP verification:

Until and unless the OTP sent on the user’s phone is verified, the provider cannot start the task or deliver the parcel. This service is best from a security point of view.

  • Video call option:

Users can video call their taxi or delivery driver along with voice calling and text messaging them. This helps them to better communicate with each other.

  • Live location tracking:

To help users track service providers en route, the app provides them the facility to see their live location on the map. Additionally, they can see the estimated time of arrival as well.

24X7 money making

But, how will the Gojek Clone redefine the money-making part of the whole business?

Well, using this application, entrepreneurs can make money in multiple ways.

Here, your users can easily earn commissions from every single service booking or make money from membership subscription plan purchases.

Besides, they can also make some easy cash through in-app Facebook/Google Ad displays, surcharges, and cancellation charges.

In Conclusion:

So, do you also want to change the future of business in your region?

If yes, it is the right to invest in an on-demand multi-service app. Get your hands on the Gojek Clone.

Try the demo app and customize it according to your needs. In no time you will be earning millions in profits!

Try it yourself.