Single screw extruders are a suitable option for making plastic products into the required shape. These machines heat raw materials to the melting point.

Normally, the Screw Barrel plays an important role in processing the machinery for plastic making. Without using these materials, it is quite difficult to make the production smooth or even get desired output to an extent. Shanghai Omega Co. is the leading manufacturer of screws, barrels as well as extruders. This barrel and screw is completely known for the abrasion and corrosion-resistant and assures in providing you of good results.

These are also known for long-term stable production, which also utilizes the application extensively. It will be a perfect option for processing various methods that include extruding and blow moulding, along with the complete injection moulding of the plastic or even the rubber products.

Advanced Material Development Capabilities:

The professional team at Shanghai Omega Co. is well-versed in dealing with the single extruder and distributing it to customers. Experts are also well versed in bringing proprietary alloys for various products compared to the other European manufacturers. The metal component used in the single extruder is painstakingly engineered. So it will automatically outstand performance level for a long lifetime. Single-screw extruders have been widely used across the plastic inducts to easily melt polymers, delivering homogenized melt and even incorporating additives.

Buy Premium Barrel And Screw:

Manufacturers also extensively focus on the performance of the machine, dry cycle speed, control and many others. These also provide more benefits with shopping for parts or new machines. You can easily make the complete range of Screw and barrel selections even without any hassle. Shanghai Omega Co. is the leading manufacturer of barrel and screw with the best years of experience in processing as well as designing. Experts are also specialized in exporting accessory components. Experts’ team also provides the best stainless steel, nitride, surface spraying technology, and many more, even without any hassle.