Determining the number of porta potty rentals for weddings depends on several factors, including the guest count, duration, and facilities at the venue. As a general guideline:

  1. Guest Count:
    • For events with 1-50 guests: 1-2 portable toilets
    • 50-100 guests: 2-4 portable toilets
    • 100-200 guests: 4-8 portable toilets
  2. Event Duration:
    • For shorter events (4 hours): Fewer units may suffice.
    • Longer events (8 hours or more): Consider additional units to accommodate extended use.
  3. Facilities at the Venue:
  4. Special Considerations:
    • For formal weddings or events with a higher level of comfort, consider renting upscale or luxury restroom trailers.
  5. Ratio for Male/Female Guests:
    • If possible, opt for units that provide separate facilities for male and female guests.
  6. Accessibility Needs:
    • Consider ADA-compliant units if guests with disabilities will be in attendance.

Always consult with the rental provider for personalized advice based on your specific wedding details. Additionally, factors like weather conditions and alcohol consumption may influence restroom usage, so it’s beneficial to err on the side of caution and ensure ample facilities for your guests’ comfort.