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Huawei HCIA-5G-RNP&RNO V2.0 Certification Exam

Certification: HCIA-5GRNP&RNO
Exam Code: H35-580
Name Language: ENU
Exam Format: Single answer,Multiple answer,True-false question
Exam Cost: 200USD
Exam Duration: 90 mins
Pass Score/Total Score:600/1000

Exam Contents

HCIA-5G-RNP&RNO V2.0 exam covers:
5G radio network basics
5G base station basic operation
5G radio network basic feature
5G network planning basics
5G network testing and optimization

Key Points Percentage

Topic Percentage
5G radio network basics 20%
5G base station basic operation 10%
5G radio network basic feature 20%
5G network planning basics 20%
5G network testing and optimization 30%

Knowledge Points

5G radio network basics (20%)

1. 5G overview
2. 5G network architecture and interface
3. 5G physical layer
4. Overview of 5G basic signaling process

5G base station basic operation (10%)

1. Huawei 5G base station product overview
2. 5G base station basic operation

5G radio network basic feature (20%)

1. NSA networking based on EPC feature
2. 5G NR power control feature
3. 5G NR mobility management feature
4. 5G NR scheduling feature
5. 5G MIMO feature
6. Uplink fallback to LTE

5G network planning basics (20%)

1. 5G wireless network coverage and capacity estimation
2. 5G site solution overview
3. 5G site survey and planning

5G network testing and optimization (30%)

1. 5G network test and problem analysis
2. Analysis of 5G radio network coverage problems
3. Radio network performance management basics

View Online HCIA-5G-RNP&RNO V2.0 H35-580_V2.0-ENU Free Questions

1. Which of the following common messages need to be scheduled?(Select All that Apply)
B.RA Response
Answer: A, C, D

2. Which of the following statements about the advantages of the Rayce ray tracing model are correct?(Select All that Apply)
A.It offers more accurate modeling for massive MIMO.
B.It offers more accurate path searching, reflection, and diffraction energy calculation for electromagnetic wave propagation.
C.It is applicable only to C-band, and not mmWave.
D.It offers higher level prediction accuracy.
Answer: B, D

3. Which of the following is not covered by a site survey?
A.Antenna installation space
B.Equipment room space and load bearing capacity
C.Models of hardware boards on base stations
D.Site location
Answer: C

4. Which of the following are common causes of overshoot coverage?(Select All that Apply)
A.Reflection in a large amount of water.
B.The transmit power of a base station is too high.
C.Signals travel far along a street due to the waveguide effect.
D.The height of the antenna or AAU is too low.
Answer: A, C

5. Which of the following statements about Huawei AAUs are correct?(Select All that Apply)
A.AAUs have an operating voltage of -48 V DC.
B.They support LTE-NR dual-mode on some frequency bands.
C.64T64R AAUs provide higher coverage gains than 32T32R AAUs.
D.They support GSM-NR dual-mode on some frequency bands.
Answer: A, B, C

6. Which of the following factors does not affect downlink coverage?
A.Base station receive diversity gain
B.Downlink path loss
C.Downlink transmit power
D.Antenna gain
Answer: A