A passenger makes foolish spelling mistakes when typing the name of a flight. However, there are cases in which the passenger’s name is changed for other reasons than incorrect spelling or initials. A traveller may wish to request a name change on the boarding pass in such cases.

Alaska Airlines allows you to change your incorrect name on the ticket with its name change policy. To overcome obstacles during boarding the flight with the wrong details, you should understand Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy. This provides various methods for correcting or changing the name on the ticket.

Name changes on Alaska Airlines flight tickets

Alaska Airlines’ Name Change Policy defines several rules and regulations for correcting the name on flight tickets. It is Alaska Airlines’ policy that customers must write the correct name on their tickets. A customer has several options for modifying the name according to the policy.

Alaska Airlines has a Name Change Policy that adheres to the rules listed in it.

Passengers can alter the wrong name under the following conditions:

  • In order to change one’s last name after marriage or divorce, a customer must have legal documents.
  • The letters in your name can be changed by a traveller on request.
  • Inverting a passenger’s name is possible.
  • In short forms, a customer can complete the first names.
  • Alaska Airlines name change policy also allows middle name changes.

Alaska Airlines Change Name on Ticket Overview

Here are the major highlights of Alaska Air’s Name Change Policy to avoid unnecessary fees or last-minute complications.

  • In the event that the name on your ticket does not match the name on your ID, you can correct the error.
  • The name can be corrected (free of charge) if there are obvious mistakes, like Lopes instead of Lopez, typos, reversals of first, last, and middle names, etc. (the typos or errors should not exceed 3 letters in most cases).
  • In addition to legal name changes caused by marriage or divorce, a copy of your old and new government-issued identification is also required.
  • Due to the fact that the passenger’s identity must remain unchanged, other passenger information, like gender, date of birth, and so on, cannot be changed.
  • In the 24-hour grace period after booking, you can change your name free of charge.
  • If the name change is not completed within 24-hours, a fee will be charged.
  • When changing (i.e., correcting or changing) your ticket name, especially if it is a legal change, you must present valid documentation.
  • If you have purchased your ticket through Alaska Airlines directly, you will need to contact Alaska Airlines directly. If you have purchased your ticket through a travel agency, you will need to contact the agency directly.

Name change due to marriage or divorce on Alaska Airlines

Is it possible to change the name on my Alaska Airlines ticket after I get married?

It is possible to update the name on your airline reservation whether you are getting married or divorced. If you change your name legally, such as through a marriage certificate or divorce decree, please contact Alaska Airlines customer service and they will update your ticket accordingly.

In order to avoid airport issues, make sure your airline reservation matches your government-issued ID.

Changes of name on Alaska ticket requests

Alaska airline tickets often contain misspelled names. Here are some examples.

Misspelled Minor Name Correction – If a passenger’s name spelling is slightly incorrect, you can change it under Alaska’s name correction policy. However, name changes have a fee depending on the fare class.

Legal Name Change – If you legally changed your name or last name through marriage or divorce, you must provide legal documents when changing your Alaska flight ticket.

What is the deadline for changing the name on your Alaska Airlines ticket?

After the flight has been confirmed, not all travellers are allowed to change their names. The airline allows changes only if:

  • There is a limit of three characters for the change.
  • There is an obvious name change, but the full name remains the same.
  • Instead of using your full name, you used your nickname.
  • In the section called First and Last Name, you desire to invert the names.
  • A marriage or divorce has caused you to make changes.

To ensure that the name change process goes smoothly, you need to understand Alaska Airlines’ Name Change Policy before you begin. If your situation matches any of the above points, you may qualify for a name change. You can avoid any difficulties in the future by reading more about the name change policy in the upcoming section.

Alaska Airlines’ General Conditions Regarding Name Changes 

The following are Alaska Airlines’ name change clauses that every traveller looking for a name change must comply with:

  • If you complete the formalities within 24 hours of booking, you won’t have to pay any extra charges.
  • Additionally, if you change your name legally after booking a flight, you can make necessary changes without paying a penny.
  • As long as you carry your marriage certificate with you while boarding the plane, you can travel with the same name. If you want to make a name change due to marriage, however, do not worry.
  • After the risk-free period, you must pay the applicable fees to complete name corrections.

In order to skip paying the name change fee, you must follow the standard rules. However, if you violate the regulations, you must pay the fee.

What is the process for change the name on an Alaska Airlines ticket?

The Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee can be paid online or offline. Get in touch with the Alaska Airlines customer service department, visit their website, or speak to an agent to modify the spelling.

Through Alaska Airlines’ website, you can change your name

This method can be used to correct minor spelling errors online. To proceed with the corrections via this method, you must follow the following steps:

  • Check out Alaska Airlines’ official website.
  • From the home page, tap “Manage Booking”.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name, confirmation code, and e-ticket number.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Your booking details will be displayed in full.
  • Make the necessary corrections to the name by selecting the “Change Name” option.
  • Finally, make sure the ticket has the correct initials printed on it.

Please note that you cannot change more than three characters in your name online. 

In order to use the online method, you must adhere to the following Alaska Airlines name change policy requirements:

  • It is necessary for passengers to bring their tickets directly to Alaska Airlines and not through a travel agency.
  • Discounts and government offers cannot be included on the ticket.
  • In addition, there should not be more than seven people on the reservation.
  • There should be no more than eight arrangements on each segment of your ticket.
  • There should be no special requests or accommodations included in a traveller’s booking.
  • Ticket changes for Mileage Plan awards are not allowed. Only name corrections for general reservations are allowed.

Please contact Alaska Airlines’ customer service department

  • Contact the customer service department.
  • Listen for the IVR response and follow the automated instructions.
  • Connect with an Alaska executive by pressing the appropriate key.
  • Prepare your supporting documents after that.
  • The Alaska air name change agent will inform you of all conditions.
  • If your booking is eligible for changing the name, pay the required fee.

By using the airport kiosk, you can change your name

By using the Airport Kiosk, passengers can also correct their name on the ticket. The Kiosk is a self-service device that allows passengers to do various tasks. You can print boarding passes, upgrade seating options, and modify the ticket name with the assistance of the Kiosk.

At the airport, passengers can use this service to alter or change their names without going through a long process:

  • At the kiosk, you can click the “Change Flights” button.
  • Open the itinerary of the flight.
  • In addition, provide the essential reservation details.
  • To finish, click on the name that you want to modify and enter the new name.

In addition to saving a great deal of time and effort, this self-operated machine is also the most reliable method since it leaves no room for error. Since Alaska Airline officials confirm the name changes themselves, it is the most efficient method of name correction on reservations. Also, if you encounter any difficulties while operating the machine, you can ask for help.

Name change fee for Alaska

In Alaska Airlines, the name change fee depends on how many letters need to be changed beyond 24 hours of booking the ticket. Therefore, you need to modify the booking as soon as you are ready to book the flight.

Alaska Airlines’ change name policy does not require you to pay the fare difference if you have tickets above the basic cabin. If you have questions regarding Alaska Airlines’ change name policy, you can contact customer service.

In case of group bookings, Alaska Airlines may allow one or more name changes for free. For individual tickets, Alaska Airlines may charge up to $120 for name changes, as well as the fare difference.

The limitations of Alaska Airlines’ name change

A passenger should know the limitations before requesting a name change under Alaska’s name-change policy. The following are the limitations that you should be aware of:

  • Passengers should ensure that their names on their tickets match their names on their government-issued identification cards. If the names differ, there may be problems when boarding.
  • In case the name on the passport is incorrect, you should first rectify it, then request a name change on the boarding pass.

Name Correction Policy for Alaska Airlines

  • The printed PNR doesn’t look nice if the name is misspelled. As a matter of fact, it is a serious concern that can also lead to more conflicts as you move forward. On occasions, people make unwanted mistakes and put the wrong spelling in the reservation form. Even though there can be a single-character error or more, the fear of trouble always accompanies the journey. Therefore, you must correct the errors and format the ticket details correctly.
  • If you travel with Alaska Airlines, you are assured of a blossoming air travel experience. As a result of its commendable approach to passengers, the airline has won various awards and recognitions. The airline never fails to provide world-class service to its clients.
  • As far as the name change/correction policy is concerned, it is awesome to have things handled correctly without a great deal of hassle, and the airline maintains various policies to assist customers in each department. Using reliable platforms, the USA carrier offers customer-friendly systems for making name changes. The correction of names can be performed either online or offline using both methods.
  • It’s likely that even if you’re not a frequent air traveller, you’ll know about the TSA’s name change rule. It is a good practice to match your name on your boarding pass to your government-issued ID for legitimate reasons. In order for air officials to check you against the government’s watchlist, your names must match on both documents.

The Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy – What You Need to Know?

We can’t simply avoid making mistakes – we’re humans after all. It’s not pleasant to see incorrect name details on an airline PNR. Visitors often enter incorrect names during reservations, only to have a similar name printed on their tickets. According to aviation industry rules, people with mismatched name details on concerned documents cannot board flights. That’s why you need to take immediate action to resolve the problem.

If you book a ticket with Alaska Airlines and notice a mistake in the name, you’re in luck. The airline permits passengers to correct the name according to their set of rules. In order to ensure that you have an enjoyable travel experience, it understands the gravity of the situation and strives accordingly.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Alaska offers free name correction within 24 hours of booking if the request is made within that timeframe.
  • It is possible for a customer to be charged if he or she misses the risk-free period.
  • If your name changes after marriage or divorce, you don’t need to update your Alaska ticket. However, make sure to carry a copy of the marriage or divorce certificate.
  • Under Alaska regulations, passengers can correct typographical errors in their names.
  • By submitting the legal document signed by the authorized officials, you can change the whole name.
  • If the ticket was obtained through a travel agent, travellers need to visit the agent for any corrections.

Name correction fees for Alaska Airlines

Changing your name on an Alaska Airlines ticket may be subject to fees. However, if you change your name within 24 hours of the reservation, you can avoid these costs. If you apply for a name change after 24 hours, you’ll have to pay $125. The name change fees remain the same for all changes and corrections