JetBrains created the Kotlin programming language with a focus on code speed, code safety, and worker happiness. Kotlin came out in 2011 and has become a popular choice for writers. It is used in many projects instead of Java.

This comprehensive guide is dedicated to the manifold benefits of using Kotlin, along with real-world examples of prominent companies leveraging the language to enhance their software projects.

What is Kotlin used for?

Kotlin is a versatile and powerful programming language known for its ease of use and safety features. It finds applications in various domains, making it a popular choice for developers worldwide.

In the realm of Android development, Kotlin’s reputation has soared, with Google providing extensive support since 2019, making it the preferred language for creating Android apps. The seamless integration of Kotlin with Android Studio 3 has further solidified its position as a top choice for mobile app development.

For server-side applications, Kotlin’s type-safe tools and user-friendly language features make it an attractive option. The introduction of Kotlin Coroutines has simplified the creation of server-side apps, enabling efficient handling of multiple clients with minimal hardware requirements. Moreover, Kotlin allows for a smooth transition from Java to Kotlin, facilitating gradual codebase migration while maintaining compatibility with existing Java components.

In the world of web front-end development, Kotlin’s capabilities shine through JetBrains’ Kotlin-wrappers, enabling developers to write type-safe React apps using Kotlin and JavaScript. The language’s support for subroutines enhances the integration of Kotlin with various JavaScript frameworks, while its compatibility with the JavaScript environment allows teams to leverage third-party React components and tools effectively.

Kotlin’s versatility extends to the field of data science, where it can be used alongside Jupyter Notebook and Apache Zeppelin to facilitate data analysis and visualization. The Kotlin community has contributed valuable tools for data-related tasks, such as mathematical operations on multidimensional arrays, training deep learning models, and natural language processing.

Are Kotlin Developers In Demand?

Kotlin is the sixth most wanted technology, according to a survey of 71,000 developers conducted by Stack Overflow in 2022. The study shows that Kotlin coders’ annual pay increased from $55,000 in 2021 to $69,000 in 2022.

According to RedMonk, Kotlin has been one of the top 20 languages since 2019.

The need for Kotlin coders is not only based on their knowledge of the language. Coders need engineering knowledge to improve their ability to create independently. Companies will prioritize workers who excel in their roles and are motivated to solve design problems. Kotlin will help them do this.

Development teams at companies like Google, Amazon, Philips, and Netflix use this language. Google made Kotlin a “first class” programming language for making Android apps.

What Kotlin App Developers Should Be Aware of

Senior Kotlin workers should be fluent in the language and have extensive experience developing for Java and Android. They are knowledgeable about object-oriented programming. They need to have a track record of frequently getting software into production. They should have knowledge about mobile app environments, including front-end and server-side tools.

Businesses prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree or some experience in computer science.

Tool Skills a Kotlin Developer Should Have

They should have the following skills, although these may change based on the needs of the job.

  • You should know both Kotlin and Java.
  • Should be aware of making Android apps and using Android Studio.
  • Have knowledge about mobile app development, design, implementation, and submission to app stores.
  • Should have deep knowledge of design basics, object-oriented computing, and building.
  • Understand how Agile development, CI/CD workflows, and DevOps techniques function.
  • Have a keen interest in learning about tools and methods for version control.

Soft Skills Are Also Important

Companies typically desire software workers who are self-disciplined, open to feedback, constantly striving for improvement, and skilled in communication.

Being a good team player makes a developer’s job more enjoyable and increases others’ willingness to help them later. Understanding the team’s feelings helps the developer predict their likely reactions. The developer can change how they talk to others. The team finds it easier to generate new ideas when everyone is united and open-minded, regardless of their opinions.

Developers should possess good conversation skills, such as speaking confidently, listening attentively, and refraining from interrupting others. 

The developer’s traits show that they are good speakers, which the company may have noticed during the interview.

Where To Find Kotlin Developers To Hire?

hire kotlin developer

Employers hire Kotlin developers in various ways, including independently, in-house, by sharing a job, or by hiring a contractor. We will examine the key components of each plan in this section.

We recommend groups, job boards, and organizations for Kotlin engineers based on their hiring processes. Employers can use these links to find out where to post work, find contractors, or go to groups to talk to busy users directly.


Hiring freelancers is good for small jobs, short-term projects, and businesses with limited funds. Freelancers have to do multiple jobs at once, unlike in-house engineers and workers, and their work quality may not meet client standards. Coders often work on multiple projects, so managers have less control over them compared to contractors or full-time employees.

Companies on Upwork can view Kotlin engineers’ accounts, post jobs, or have agents select Kotlin engineers for them.

Tech companies hire Kotlin developers in-house to build their core team and culture. People who work for a company are usually more driven. They examine a product closely to enhance it and aid the company’s growth.

Companies can attract engineers by organizing hackathons and tech gatherings or attending them. They can ask a headhunter for an in-house expert.

Companies use HR services to look at their local market. You can search LinkedIn accounts, browse talent in groups, or post a job for a Kotlin coder on an online board.

Job boards were created during the Great Depression when many people were unemployed and there was a surplus of talent. There is a limited supply of skilled professionals in the job market, so simply posting a job opening may not attract the most qualified candidates.

Outsourcing a project

Tech companies use this hiring method to focus on their core businesses. They give whole projects to outside development services, which are handled by their CTO or product owner from their in-house team.

Outsourcing companies take chances, just like any other employer. They are pickier about who they hire, unlike freelancing platforms. Outsourcing makes communication between the company and outside providers more difficult because direct interaction with every member of the extended team is not possible.


In conclusion, embracing Kotlin and hiring Kotlin developers can revolutionize your development processes, enabling faster, safer, and more efficient code creation while benefiting from the thriving Kotlin community’s support and resources. When seeking to unlock the true potential of Kotlin for your projects, partner with ultroneous, a leading Kotlin development company

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