American Airlines offers 24/7 customer service to passengers by calling +1-802-231-1806 and 800-433-7300.

American airlines offer three ways to contact customer service. Yes, there are many problems with travelers, such as security check-in and boarding passes. You can reach them by calling their dedicated helpline, email service option, or live chatbot.

Let’s go down the street to see all the information about each mode of connecting with American Airlines.

How do I connect to an actual person on American Airlines?

American Airlines provides outstanding customer service to help customers solve their problems. American Airlines’ customer service is available 24 hours daily to assist customers. Customers can reach a live person at American Airlines to resolve their issues quickly. To contact an American Airlines representative, the customer has several options:

  • Via call

American Airlines customers can reach a live person by calling +1-802-231-1806 (OTA No. Or 800-433-7300 for getting immediate assistance. Calling American Airlines is the best way to contact a representative.

  • Chat live

Chat can be used to connect customers with American Airlines representatives for help. Talking to a person at American Airlines is the best way to resolve minor problems.

American Airlines Customer Service 24 Hours

All passengers who have purchased a flight ticket are eligible to book flights. Call American Airlines at +1-802-231-1806 or 800-433-7300 to get connected. You can also use the ChatBot option to chat with them 24 hours daily to answer any questions.

How do I get in touch with American Airlines right away?

American Airlines offers many benefits, including extra luggage and special assistance. You can contact the airline’s customer support if you require immediate assistance. You don’t have to know how to get American Airlines, follow these steps, and you will be connected quickly with the representative.

  1. Call American Airlines at +1-802-231-1806 or 800-433-7300.
  2. Choose the option you prefer from the IVR menu
    • For miles-related issues, press 1
    • To cancel your reservation, press 2
    • To make a new booking, press 3
    • To speak with a representative at the airline, press *
  1. Wait a few seconds, and your call will be connected to the customer service representative.

Tell the representative about your problem, and he will help you find the right solution.