If you are having a partner already living and working in New Zealand, then you will also be eligible to work in the country. Does your skill contribute to the economy of the country? If yes, then apply for an NZ partnership work visa.

Having the grant for this visa will let you work and stay in the country. The length of stay in New Zealand with the visa varies a bit based on certain conditions:

  • Two years, if you have been residing with your partner for more than a year
  • One year, if you have been residing with your partner for less than twelve months

Additional Points to Note

Having a valid NZ partnership work visa will not only let you work in New Zealand but also permit you to avail of higher education. You will not be able to include independent children in an NZ partnership work visa.

Still, your children will be able to apply for visas for themselves based on their relationship with you.

Want to Become a Resident of New Zealand? Here is the Procedure!

If you and your partner have been in a stable relationship, then your eligibility for a New Zealand partner visa is confirmed. The visa will let you live and work together with your partner in the country.

There are times when the application for a partner visa gets declined, then the hiring of an experienced immigration adviser will help. A thorough verification of the details provided will be done to assure early approval of the application.

Conditions to Qualify for New Zealand Partner Visa

To qualify for a New Zealand partner visa, there are certain conditions that you are supposed to meet. Some of the most vital ones include:

  • Must be in a position to prove that you are in a genuine and stable relationship with your partner
  • Be in New Zealand to join your partner
  • Meet health and character needs

Your partner must be able to provide proof that they will be able to support you. He or she must not have sponsored more than one partner for residence. Also, your partner must not have any offense related to domestic violence and sexual conviction. The partner that will be sponsoring you must be able to show that New Zealand is the primary place of residence.

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