After experiencing severe physical trauma, surgery is a potential treatment. For people facing surgery, it can be w daunting prospect. It explains why patients prefer to try other treatments to avoid surgery as much as possible. Undergoing surgery can disturb your everyday routines, and you will have difficulty recovering and restoring your strength. An experienced physiotherapist at a physiotherapy near North York explains that, there are things that patients can do to avoid or delay surgery. However, surgery is unavoidable in some cases as it’s your only option to be healthy and happy again. If you don’t want to experience complications after surgery, physical therapy is an excellent option. Physiotherapy can help you avoid surgery or make it easier if the circumstances are right and you are willing to do the work. The process of physiotherapy treatment is much lengthier than surgery, but you will achieve amazing results in the end if you are committed to what your physiotherapist wants from you. Still, many patients are hesitant about the effects of physical therapy and whether it can be a great alternative to surgery. Continue to read this article and understand the success rate of physiotherapy treatments on surgical and pre-surgical patients.

Where to start

If you are physically injured, you have to find the right way to restore your health as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can be significantly frustrating and affect all aspects of your life negatively. The inconclusive quest to relieve the pain or dysfunction can even lead to severe mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Fortunately, physiotherapists know how to help you to take control of your life again. The first step is to find a reliable, experienced physiotherapist who is educated and capable of diagnosing dysfunctions. After performing required examinations and assessments, your physiotherapist is able to prescribe a customized plan of care for you that is significantly safe and beneficial. Then your physiotherapist can tell you whether physical therapy can be an alternative to surgery according to your condition. Here are some cases the patient will be referred to an oral surgeon:

  • Apparent brain damage
  • Severely fractured bone
  • Severe joint degeneration
  • Apparent nerve damage
  • Spinal cord compression

Reasons physiotherapist is better than surgery

There are many reasons why physiotherapy is better and superior to surgery, including the following:

  • Physical therapy can prevent further problems.
  • Physical therapy isn’t invasive.
  • Physical therapy is more cost-effective.
  • Physical therapy is less risky.
  • Physical therapy requires less commitment.
  • What to do if surgery is your only option

Even if surgery is your only available option, physiotherapy treatments can make your body prepared and boost post-surgical recovery. Preoperative rehabilitation can significantly ease your surgical procedure and can strengthen and mobilize your muscles around the future surgical site.

The impotence of time

Researches show that people who receive physical therapy on a regular basis are healthier and have stronger bodies. So it’s highly recommended to visit a physiotherapist regularly even if you aren’t injured or in pain.

Your body changes over time, so the choices you make today affect your future!