Video material can range from YouTube and social media videos to full-length films available on internet streaming services such as Netflix. The act of translating or transcribing a video’s dialogue into a textual form, which is subsequently shown on the screen, is known as video sub-titling. Typically, the text and audio are synced so that viewers may read along as they watch.

Effective video subtitles are a need for anybody trying to grow their business internationally, provide content for a variety of consumers, or teach throughout the world. A qualified translation agency may be your invaluable partner in this situation, ensuring that your message is understood by readers all over the world.

Why Are Subtitles Added?

You’ll experience a huge improvement in performance when you add subtitles to your videos. When a video has subtitles, 80% of viewers are more inclined to watch it through, and this isn’t because they have hearing impairments.

In fact, subtitles make it simpler for viewers to follow along and improve their retention of the knowledge after the video has ended. In comparison to advertising without subtitles, a study of ads with subtitles found an 8% improvement in recall and a 10% improvement in memory quality.

Videos with subtitles also get more viewer engagement. They receive 17% more responses and 26% more CTA clicks than videos without subtitles. Moreover, videos with subtitles receive 15% more shares than those without.

The time and effort required to add subtitles to your videos is the only potential drawback. But thankfully, there are resources that make this process quick and easy.

What is the impact of video subtitles?

The king of digital media is without a doubt video content. Videos are the preferred method for communication, used in everything from marketing efforts to entertainment and instructional content. Your audience will be more limited if your material is only available in one language. Here, video subtitles can be useful and provide a number of advantages:

Enhanced Global Accessibility: By extending the accessibility of your material to non-native speakers and those with hearing impairments, video subtitles considerably increase the size of your potential audience.

Increased Viewer Engagement: According to research, viewers are more engaged with videos that have subtitles. With the help of subtitles, visitors are better able to understand your material, which increases interaction and viewing time.

Search Engine Optimisation Advantage: Adding subtitles to your videos can improve their search engine results. Search engines can index searchable text provided by subtitles, increasing the discoverability of your material.

Attracting Multilingual Audiences: Subtitles enable you to concurrently appeal to audiences that speak a variety of languages, negating the need to produce several video versions.


Video Subtitling increases viewing and opens up a new pool of prospective viewers by bringing inclusion and reaching people who speak a different language. Scaling increased marketability at a low cost can be accomplished by adding subtitles. Additionally, it’s been observed that including subtitles aids in keeping viewers’ interest.

Views on Facebook and other sites have increased. Additionally, it can aid non-native English speakers in learning a new tongue and improve their comprehension of the audio and context. It aids in their ability to link the meaning and the music.

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