For Preschoolers…

1. Crafting helps develop fine motor skills.
Grabbing a crayon or paintbrush strengthens the muscles that will later help preschoolers button their coats, tie their shoes, write, and do other things.

2. It boosts counting and pattern recognition.
Did you know that stringing beads is an excellent way to learn patterns and count? These are the skills that students will need later in algebra! Kids can also practise their 1, 2, and 3s by counting the number of steps in the instructions or gathering the correct number of components for their chosen project.

3. It teaches shapes and colours.
Kids must locate and identify all of the various shapes and colours of foam pieces required to create the picture they desire from the idea book. This thought process occurs even when your child is doing something as simple as colouring!

For Kids in Elementary School…

1. Crafting encourages critical thinking.
The act of making something naturally causes children to consider the finished product and the steps required to get there.

2. It builds resilience.
Making something takes time, and it may not turn out perfectly on the first try. Crafting teaches children that it is acceptable to make mistakes and to seek a solution before becoming frustrated.

3. It supports reluctant readers.
Instructions are still reading! Crafting also gives children with active hands something to do while they read the next step.