The following steps will help you to select a seat online at Frontier:

  • Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines.
  • Click on Travels and then select Manage Trip from the My Trips option.
  • Add your last name and the confirmation code, and search for the flight.
  • Navigate the Menu and choose Seat Selection from all the options.
  • A map will appear on the screen, and you must pick the desired seat.
  • Pay for the seat selection charges if applicable, and your seat will be confirmed.
  • You will get a confirmation at your registered email address or on the phone.

Does Frontier seat you next to each other?

Frontier Airlines provide seats to passengers only the day before the scheduled flight at Frontier. They will assign random seats to you, so there is no guarantee that you can sit with the person you are traveling with, whether a family member or a friend.

Is Frontier seating first come, first serve?

As we have discussed, the Airline provides assigned seats to all passengers. They also follow the first come, first serve rule, or the seats will be given when you get on the Frontier flights.

Conclusion: All the information related to Frontier Airlines seat selection has been given so that you can enlighten yourself about it and go through it without any trouble. For more queries, you can navigate the official webpage of the Airline.