What is Spirit Group Travel?

Spirit Group Travel is a specialized service provided by Spirit Airlines that cater to groups of 10 or more passengers traveling together. It is an ideal option for various occasions such as family reunions, corporate events, sports teams, and school trips. By choosing Spirit Group Travel, you can enjoy numerous advantages specifically designed to meet the needs of larger travel groups.

Benefits of Spirit Group Travel

Cost savings

One of the major benefits of Spirit Group Travel is the potential for significant cost savings. Spirit Airlines offers exclusive discounts and competitive fares for group bookings. These discounted rates can help your group save money on airfare, allowing you to allocate more of your budget to other aspects of your trip.

Dedicated support

When you choose Spirit Group Travel, you receive dedicated support from a team of professionals who specialize in group bookings. They are well-versed in handling the unique requirements of group travel and can assist you throughout the booking process. From initial inquiries to post-travel assistance, their expertise ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Flexibility and convenience

Spirit Group Travel provides flexibility and convenience to suit the specific needs of your group. You can customize your travel experience by selecting preferred departure and arrival times, choosing seating arrangements, and adding extra services like baggage options or travel insurance. Spirit Airlines strives to accommodate your group’s preferences and make the journey as comfortable as possible.

How to Book Spirit Group Travel

Group size and eligibility

To qualify for Spirit Group Travel, your group must consist of a minimum of 10 passengers traveling together on the same flight and itinerary. This can include a mix of adults, children, and infants. It is important to ensure that all group members meet the eligibility criteria to enjoy the benefits of group travel.

Booking process

Booking Spirit Group Travel is a straightforward process. You can start by visiting the Spirit Airlines website and navigating to the group travel section. There, you will find a dedicated form to submit your group travel request. Provide all the necessary details, including the number of passengers, travel dates, destination, and any specific requirements. Once you submit the form, a group travel specialist will review your request and assist you with the booking process.

Customizing your travel experience

During the booking process, you have the opportunity to customize your group travel experience. You can select preferred seating arrangements, add baggage options, and choose additional services according to your group’s needs. Spirit Airlines offers various options to enhance your journey, such as priority boarding, seat upgrades, and onboard refreshments.

Tips for a successful Spirit Group Travel experience

To ensure a successful and enjoyable group travel experience with Spirit Airlines, consider the following tips:

Planning ahead

Start planning your group trip well in advance to secure the best fares and availability. Determine the travel dates, destination, and approximate group size early on. This allows you to make informed decisions and coordinate with group members effectively.

Communicating with group members

Maintain clear and open communication with all group members throughout the planning and booking process. Ensure everyone is aware of the travel details, itinerary, and any special requirements. Establish a designated point of contact within the group to facilitate smooth communication and address any concerns or questions.

Packing efficiently

Encourage group members to pack efficiently and adhere to Spirit Airlines’ baggage policies to avoid unnecessary fees or delays. Consider sharing packing tips and recommendations to optimize space and minimize the number of bags. Efficient packing ensures a hassle-free travel experience for everyone.

Spirit Airlines (FAQs)

  1. What is the minimum group size for Spirit Group Travel? The minimum group size for Spirit Group Travel is 10 passengers traveling together on the same flight and itinerary.
  2. Can I earn frequent flyer miles on group bookings? Yes, Spirit Airlines allows group travelers to earn frequent flyer miles. Each group member can individually accrue miles based on their individual frequent flyer program membership.
  3. Are there any discounts or special offers for group travel? Yes, Spirit Airlines offers exclusive discounts and competitive fares for group travel. These discounts can result in significant cost savings for your group.
  4. Can I make changes to my group booking after it is confirmed? Yes, you can make changes to your group booking, such as adding or removing passengers, as long as the minimum group size requirement is still met. However, changes may be subject to fees or fare differences.
  5. What happens if someone from the group cancels their reservation? If someone from the group cancels their reservation, the remaining group members can still continue with the travel plans. However, changes in the group size may affect the fare structure and discounts initially provided.


Spirit Airlines Group Travel offers a fantastic opportunity for larger travel groups to enjoy affordable and convenient air travel. With dedicated support, cost savings, and the ability to customize your travel experience, Spirit Group Travel ensures a seamless journey for groups of 10 or more passengers. By planning ahead and following the provided tips, you can make your Spirit Airlines Group Travel experience a memorable one.