Online casino software has become smarter and feature-rich and offers a more authentic online gambling experience than it did just a few years ago. One of the latest advances in online gambling technology is live dealer casino gambling. This platform has been around for a few years and is starting to appear in more and more online casino brands. In essence, live dealer games allow online players to participate in real-time physical casino games and interact with live dealers or croupiers. In most cases, the dealers are attractive women professionally trained to oversee the games.

How Do Live Dealer Games Work?

These games are facilitated through sophisticated software and high-end network streaming equipment. Webcams placed at brick-and-mortar casino destinations capture every moment of the game and the dealer’s actions. This is all visible to the player. The integrated software connects the player with the dealer, allowing the player to place bets and communicate with the dealer. It is an innovative combination of online visits and real face-to-face dealer interactions. We found that players who are generally skeptical of the fairness of online gambling platforms are more comfortable with live dealer options. Some people want a human to control the progress of the game, not a computer.

Is it Legal to Play Live Dealer Games Online in the Philippines?

Absolutely. The Philippines has no gambling laws that make it illegal for citizens to engage in licensed and regulated online gambling, including live dealer games. The only caveat is that players must choose an online casino destination that legally accepts Filipino players. The laws of this island region do make it illegal for government-run online casinos to accept Filipino citizens as customers, so licensed and regulated offshore gambling sites are the best option for players residing in the Philippines.

Can I Play Live Games at any Online Casino?

Actually, you can’t. Due to the high software cost, bandwidth, etc., only the industry’s most trusted online Filipino casinos choose to offer live dealer games. There are many things a casino must have to run live games successfully. Therefore, sites that offer live gaming should reassure you that they are likely well-funded and reputable, just like Winner777.