In the PET bottle manufacturing industry, the compressive load of bottles is considered to be the most important factor that needs to be taken care of. It depicts the quality of bottles that will be delivered to the customers. The strength of a bottle depends on many factors like its size, weight, wall thickness, etc. The weight and neck finish has the most significant effect on the compression strength.

Heavier bottles with a thicker neck need more force to be compressed. Thus, testing the top load tester for pet bottles is necessary to deliver accurate products to your customers. This can be done with the help of a Presto top load tester for PET bottles and jars.

The Presto top load tester-digital model is made from heavy-duty construction and has been designed by keeping industrial standards in mind. Thus you will get accurate top load test results with the use of this lab equipment.

The digital display of this machine provides clear readings which help in precise testing. This top load tester is known for its durability and easy operation. Different models of this tester are available in the market and you can select the one as per your requirement. This laboratory testing equipment is used for testing the strength and resistance of various materials like plastics, metals, textiles, paper, etc. So if you are looking for an ideal top load tester, then Presto’s digital model should be your first choice. You can also read about the significance of using Presto digital top load tester for PET bottles.

Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.

Features of Presto top load tester for bottles and jars

PET bottles are commonly used to store and transport beverages and other related products. However, the stacking of PET bottles can exert a large amount of compressive force on the bottles, which may cause deformation or breakage.

To ensure the safety of the product, it is important to test the strength of the bottle to resist any deformation due to the applied force. Therefore, it is important to test the top load strength of PET bottles with the use of a Presto top load tester for PET bottles. The top-load test is conducted by applying a force on the top of the bottle. Based on the results of these tests, it can be determined whether the bottle is suitable for storage and transportation.

Below we have listed the features of this lab testing instrument.

  • Inverted straight plates for zero slip gripping support
  • Digital Display for accuracy and repeatability
  • Option for the user to switch off the machine in case of buckling of the test sample.
  • In-house calibration facility
  • Peak Load Hold Facility (save in memory)
  • Data output in digital display form
  • Highly accurate test results under compressive force
  • Bright LED display
  • Feather touch controls
  • Overload protection
  • High testing range of up to 100 kgf.
  • Compression plates for proper placement of the test specimen.
  • Templates are provided with the machine to prepare test specimens with accurate sizes. 
  • Advanced peak load indicator for accurate readout and storage of test results.
  • Limit switches protection for the protection of grips and the machine.
  • Powder-coated body with corrosion resistance.

Technical Specifications of Presto top load tester

  • Maximum Load range: 100 kgf (50 Kgf on request)
  • Accuracy: ± 2% full scale (with master load)
  • Least Count/Resolution: 0.1 Kgf
  • Test Speed *: 24 ±5 mm/min.
  • Power: 220 V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Display: LED display (7 Segment)
  • Load Monitoring: Peak Load indicator with Digital readout and peak hold feature (result saved in memory)
  • Compression Plate: Dia of Compression Plate – 180 mm ± 5mm

With these technical specifications and advanced features, you will be able to test the top load strength of PET bottles and make your bottles stronger. You can even determine the buckling strength of PET bottles with the use of a Presto top-load strength tester. If you wish to know more about this lab testing instrument like top load tester price, discounts, or want to conduct an online demo for this lab testing equipment, then give us a call at +91-9210903903 or email us at [email protected]. Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your queries.

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