Idler plays an important component in the conveyor system. It helps to support conveyed materials and belts that prevent them from sagging, failing, and stretching. Besides, idlers should operate in harsh atmospheres like high humidity, low temperature, dirty, and more. The best Troughing idler helps to lessen power consumption. Choosing the perfect item is vital to the transporter system’s performance. Here we provide some useful tips for selecting the correct idlers.

  • Idler angle

One of the important features to bear in mind is the idler angle. The angle must match the carrier system’s position. If the direction is vertical, it can lead to additional wear on the idler and belt. When the position is low, the belt doesn’t support properly.

  • Materials 

It would be best to consider the material type before picking the idler. The heavy substance can utilize idlers with excellent construction and large diameter. In addition, lightweight objects need a tiny idler with smaller construction.

  • Operating background

Another aspect to look out for while selecting the Conveyor idler is the operating environment. When this system works in a corrosive atmosphere, you can pick the product which can withstand these conditions.

  • Load Capacity

You need to consider the load capability of the idler before placing your order. The load capacity must support transporting goods weight without damaging the belt.

  • Width of the belt

Pay attention to the belt width when choosing your project. Wider belts need additional idlers to sustain the weight of things during transport. Besides, you can adjust the spacing between idlers depending on the strap width to guarantee appropriate support.

Before buying the idlers, you should compare the price from various online stores. It will help you to purchase quality products at an affordable rate. The right idler aids in boosting the efficiency of bearer systems and lessening maintenance costs.