When people plan vacations and travel, they want everything to be just right. But can we overlook the seats? As a traveler, you want to begin your trip sitting exactly where you want, and the airline knows that too. Spirit Airlines lets you pick your seat before your journey starts, whether you prefer a window seat or one with extra space for your legs. Learning more about how this works and the benefits can help you plan better for your next trip.

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Guideline for Spirit Airlines seat selection:

Spirit Airlines doesn’t give free seat selection
You’ll need to pay a small fee for choosing where you sit, unless you have Free Spirit elite status.
You can pay for seat selection and baggage together when you book your flight.

If you’re okay with any seat and want to save money, you can let the airline choose for you based on
But remember, you might end up sitting away from people you’re traveling with, even if you booked together.
If you’re flying with a kid aged 13 or younger, Spirit will try to seat you next to each other without charging extra.
You can add seats to your booking more than 24 hours before your flight using the “Manage Trips” option.
If it’s less than 24 hours before your flight, you can buy seats during online check-in.
If you’re part of the Saver$ Club, you get discounts on seat selection for yourself and up to eight travel buddies.

Different Types of Seats Offered

Indeed, though Spirit Airlines keeps prices low, they still give passengers some seat options to pick from

Standard Seats:

These seats are like the regular ones on the airplane. They might be a bit narrower than the Big Front Seats, but they are still comfy enough for your journey. However, you can switch to a different class, If you want further space for your legs.

Premium Seats:

Premium seats are the ones near the exits, giving you extra legroom. But if you are under 15 years old, you cannot choose these seats. It’s because people sitting here might need to help in emergencies, as per the rules.

Big Front Seats: Spirit Airlines does not have fancy first- class areas, but they do offer Big Front Seats. These seats are at the front of the airplane and have lots of room, giving you more space for your legs. All the Big Front Seats are either aisle or window seats, which adds to the comfort.

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Steps to Select a Seat on Spirit Airlines

There are two main ways to pick your seat on a Spirit Flight when you are reserving or during check- in after reserving. Follow these wayIf you want to choose a seat. Select a Seat During Booking
Start by giving all your travel and personal info to the airline to reserve your flight. After finishing your booking, you will see a page with an option saying” Choose Seat.” Click on it. Look at the Spirit Airlines seat map to see which seats are available. Choose the one you like. Once you’ve named your seat, you will need to pay for it. Do this to finish reserving your seat. Double- check all the info you provided for your trip to make sure everything is correct. After completing the process, the airline will send a confirmation to your contact details.

Seat selection at check- in

Here is what to do
If your flight is coming up soon and you want to pick your seat. Go to the airline’s website.  You can choose your seat from what is available. Sometimes, you might have to pay extra for seats with further legroom. After you’ve picked your seat, pay for it and finish the online check-in. However, you can call Spirit Airlines at 1(855)728-3555 If you need help.
That is how you can pick your seat when you are getting ready for your flight.

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