G-Shock watches are made by the Japanese electronics company Casio and are designed to endure mechanical stress, shock, and vibration. G-Shock is the abbreviation for gravitational shock. This is the complete set of instructions for contacting and messaging a G-SHOCK Bluetooth device. You can access various Mobile Link functions through the watch’s connection to your smartphone, greatly enhancing your smartphone experience.
What does the G-Shock Bluetooth do?
With G-SHOCK Bluetooth watches, a smartphone may remotely control every aspect of the watch. When you travel, you can automatically adjust the time in more than 300 cities around the world by syncing your G-SHOCK watch with the time and date on your smartphone. A built-in phone finder, the option to create and personalize daily alarms, timers, time zones, and many more features are additional useful features.

Do G-SHOCK watches come with Bluetooth as standard?
Bluetooth functionality is now present in several G-SHOCK watches, including those from our G-Steel, MTG, and Master of G lines. With solar and Bluetooth enhancements, the new GA-B2100 and Full Metal GM-B2100 are two new additions to our venerable 2100 series.
How can I connect my G-SHOCK watch to my phone in the best way?
To connect your G-SHOCK watch to your smartphone, just follow these simple steps:
Remember that all G-SHOCK Bluetooth watches will use the CASIO WATCHES Bluetooth software, which is accessible through Google Play and the Apple software Store, beginning in May 2022.
For information on earlier models that use the G-SHOCK CONNECTED OR G-SHOCK MOVE applications, consult your watch’s instruction manual.
Install the free CASIO WATCHES App (available in the Google Play and Apple App stores).
On your smartphone, launch the settings app, and then turn on Bluetooth.
the CASIO WATCHES APP to the front.
Your email address and a password of your choice can be used to rapidly create an account if you don’t already have one. Use your Casio ID to log in.
After completing the setup via the confirmation email, log in and start.
Add your G-SHOCK watch by selecting the add (+) button in the lower right corner of the “My Watch” screen.
The module number can be found on the watch’s back; enter it here.
Just select the watch you want from the list.
Follow the on-screen directions to connect your watch to the app.
Hold down the C button for at least three seconds once the mode hand is pointing to the Bluetooth mark and a beep can be heard.
To complete your registration, the app will automatically set the time and date on your G-SHOCK watch.
What function does the CASIO WATCHES APP serve?
In addition to the usual features incorporated into your G-SHOCK watches, such as alarms, countdown timers, stopwatches, and World Time, you may customize all of these features using the CASIO WATCHES APP with a Bluetooth-enabled G-SHOCK watch. Bluetooth-enabled wristwatches Many different remotely controlled functionalities are available on Casio Bluetooth watches.

Additionally, Bluetooth-enabled watches include enhanced features like World & Home Time, which automatically updates time wherever you are in the world using the GPS signal from your smartphone. Your G-SHOCK watch checks the time four times a day in your current location each time you connect to the app.
World time and local time
You can set up and show a second Time Zone on your G-SHOCK using World Time. On your screen will emerge an interactive map when you select World Time in the CASIO WATCHES APP. You may view the time there and make it the World once you have located the region, whether manually or through a search.
The time zone of your G-SHOCK clock.
By tapping on Home Time in the app, you can see the Main time zone that is set on your watch and the matching time zone on your smartphone. This will automatically update as you move.

From the drop-down menu, select Watch Setting, then tap Change Time Display. From here, you may see all the time zones and change them as you like. Your G-SHOCK will accurately update the time.
Phone Finder
This feature, designed to help you locate your phone even while it’s in silent mode, causes your phone to generate a loud sound when a button on your G-SHOCK watch is pressed. To change the ringtone and volume that play when the watch is turned on, select Phone Finder from the CASIO WATCHES APP. Different watches may have different ways of activating the Phone Finder. Please consult your user guide to determine which button will start this mode.
Holding the lower right button will start the Phone Finder when the word “Find” starts to flash on the watch’s display. Your G-SHOCK will now play the specified ringtone for 30 seconds. By touching any button on your watch, you can halt or unlock your phone once it has been located.

Depending on whether your Bluetooth and Location capabilities are turned on, Phone Finder can operate within a 30-foot radius of your device.
Alarms & Timers
The CASIO WATCHES APP offers a quick timer and alarm settings. Select & submit the area to watch & at the bottom of your screen to activate your alarms once you’ve chosen them and set the desired times for them. When Signal Alarm is turned on, your watch will make a sound at the top of the hour. Reminder mode enables your watch to provide reminders on particular days when schedules or events are saved in the app.
Watch setting. https://ecasiocentre.pk/
The CASIO WATCHES APP makes it simple to access important watch settings. You may further customize your watch by changing settings for things like Key Sounds, Light, Watch Display, Power Saving, Change Time Display, and Connection Time in the app by using the drop-down menu.

The advancement of Bluetooth technology has simplified the process of configuring a G-SHOCK watch more than before. Every function of your G-SHOCK watch may now be managed via your mobile device, allowing you to make the most of all of its tools and features.