Optimising efficiency and cutting costs are top concerns for corporations as more organisations attempt to digitally change their workplaces. The Intel vPro platform gives you all the tools your company needs to succeed. The most recent PC technologies have been incorporated into this integrated platform, which was created to meet both IT requirements and employee needs. 


Businesses can save money by using features like remote management and power-saving technologies that are included with Intel vpro PCs. Let’s explore how it can help to save money in today’s businesses.


And before moving forward, it’s become necessary to better understand the intel vPro platform.


Intel vPro Explanation


Intel vPro combines software and hardware innovations to give corporate computers improved security, manageability, and productivity. Businesses may simplify IT operations, cut expenses, and safeguard critical data with its capabilities, which include remote management, hardware-based security, and power management.


Features that can help to Save Costs for Businesses


1: Remote Management 


Remote administration features are one of the most important ways that Intel vPro may save corporations money. IT managers can access and administer PCs remotely from any location in the world. This can be used to push software updates, diagnose issues, and even turn on and off PCs. 


There are several ways that remote management can help firms save money. 


  • The first benefit is that it can lessen the need for IT workers to go to far-off sites to troubleshoot issues. 


  • Second, it helps hasten software update distribution, which can help firms cut support expenses. 


  • Third, it can aid with downtime prevention, which can help organizations save money.


2: Power Saving


Also, it provides several energy-saving capabilities that can reduce energy expenditures for organizations. These qualities consist of:


  • Active Management Solution – IT managers may remotely manage PCs even while they are off thanks to Intel Active Management solution (AMT), a hardware-based solution. PCs may be turned off, awakened from sleep mode, and even have their firmware updated via AMT.


  • Intel SpeedStep Technology –  SpeedStep Technology enables the CPU to dynamically change its frequency and voltage in response to workload. It is a power-saving technology. When the CPU is not working hard, this can assist in power conservation.


  • Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 – When necessary, the CPU can momentarily increase its frequency thanks to this power-saving technology. When the CPU is under a lot of stress, this can aid in performance improvement.


3: Class Performance


The business-class performance of this platform drives labor productivity. In comparison to a few years old PC, a new PC with the 11th Gen Intel Core vPro offers up to 27% faster productivity with Office 3657 and up to 52% higher Microsoft Office performance. Workers are kept more focused and productive because of this.


  • Using a video conference call can increase office productivity by 41%. Employee productivity increases as a result of collaboration.


  • Long battery life allows workers to leave the power cord at home while still ensuring a productive workplace.


  • In addition, devices developed on the Intel vPro platform enable ThunderboltTM 4 technology for streamlined connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 for next-generation wireless performance.


4: Security Features


Security has become a significant company responsibility due to the proliferation of cybersecurity threats and numerous sources of vulnerability. Any computer can be used by threats to enter a company, spread quickly, and cause downtime for employees and lost production.


But, Intel vPro PCs come with a variety of security capabilities that can aid businesses in safeguarding their data. These qualities consist of:


  • Intel Anti-Theft Technology – Computers that have been stolen can be remotely locked and erased thanks to the Intel Anti-Theft technique, a hardware-based technique.


  • Intel vPro Boot Guard – Intel vPro Boot Guard is a device that aids in preventing malware from corrupting the BIOS of the computer.


  • Intel vPro TPM 2.0 – TPM 2.0 from Intel vPro is a hardware security module that can be used to store sensitive information and encryption keys.


5: Reliability


This platform PCs are built to be dependable and to operate at a high level. This has a variety of ways that it can assist businesses to save money. Platform stability across the PC fleet is necessary to prevent network or software compatibility problems. The Intel Stable IT Platform Program (Intel SIPP) enables companies to test devices in their computing environment for performance, interoperability, and compliance in a simple, predictable manner. 




The powerful technology vPro platform provides enterprises with many advantages, including significant cost reductions. It gives businesses the tools they need to maximize efficiency and cut costs, including remote management and support, increased security, energy efficiency, simplified IT operations, longer hardware lifespans, and higher employee productivity. 


Businesses that adopt this platform can not only save money but also improve their overall competitiveness in the current digital environment.